Another Swedish Gift to the World

Previously known for its very blonde and very buxom Bikini Team (as well as its national propensity for fun-sized meat balls), henceforth shall these descendants of Vikings be triumphantly remembered for extending their collective middle fingers in defiance to the rest of the locked-down World.

Of course, the politicians in power who breathed out these mandates as Pharaohs once spoke the Law have been aided in their tyranny by the too-easily-secured compliance of the People. Who is to say that Swedish people would not have fallen in line like the rest of us if their leaders had wished it so? But that’s another speculation for another day. The point is that at least one government on the planet went another way and gave anyone with half a brain one of them there scientifically-sanctioned control groups that all these assholes always squawking about science can shove up their asses with a red hot poker.

The outlier among the bulk of national governments who are bankrupting households and small businesses with unending shutdowns in the name of public health and systematically demoralizing their people with an extended course of mandatory masking, the Swedes, with their trademark politeness, said, “Tack, men nej tack.”

In other words (and pardon my French), “Merci, mais va ta faire foutre!”

When pressured by the rest of the globe to fight a virus by suspending its People’s freedoms, the Swedish government demurred. Instead, it chose to treat its citizens like citizens, not slaves and, coincidentally, gave us (at least those who still have eyes that can see), a precious gift of real, honest to God…

The intellectual & practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure & behavior of the physical world through observation & experiment.

Minus the Swedish model of pandemic management, it would have been near impossible to say the deaths per 100K of the US and other major countries would be a statistical tie with a country that had conversely kept everything open and mandated nothing. Countries that saw fit to shutdown their own economies and subjugate their people in the diabolical NWO experiment known as SARS-CoV-2 are in a statistical tie with a country that had responded to the Virus with the attitude that freedom trumped all. Doesn’t that make you even a little bit angry?

Without a control group (Sweden), you can’t know whether it was the treatment (eternal lockdown and mandatory masks) or some other variable (Sweden’s business as usual response to the pandemic) that caused the outcome of the experiment.

San Marino723425.8%124.32
United Kingdom396,74441,86610.6%62.97
Fewer deaths per 100K than US & many prominent European countries that are tyrannizing their citizenry w/the now provably false claims that mass lockdowns/shutdowns and mandatory masks is the only way.

The opportunistic con men, bent on codifying a New Normal, masquerading as subject matter experts and caring politicians could have continued to lie carte blanche, continuing to throw out the ridiculous number of several million lives saved as justification for their totalitarian course of action. Without Sweden, a country that had no lockdowns, shutdowns or spirit-killing hordes of faceless zombies stumbling down their grocery aisles in strict compliance with the local mask order and six feet of social distance, the Global Hydra would have had a monopoly on the reason for the justification of the People’s misery and the viral transmission of their doomsday weapon, FEAR.

By going its own way in regards to the Dread Virus, Sweden proved the diabolical NWO experiment that is SARS-CoV-2 would have had a similar outcome regardless of if you locked down and masked up or pretty much just ignored it and did nothing at all. In fact, the destruction of economies and forced muzzling appears to have been utterly pointless! Or the point, which is officially the public health, simply isn’t the point It’s really all about power, control and how far the public can be manipulated by fear.

Oh Sweden! Wherefore art thou Sweden? The whole world is bounded in a nutshell of masked madness whilst thou frolic in the fields of the Lord, undeterred, counting yourselves the kings and queens of infinite space. No shutdowns or lockdowns or muzzles, just an appeal to its citizenry to be smart about their interactions as they go about their daily business unobstructed and unafraid. Contrast that to the fearporn forced down our throats weekly, month-after-month every fucking day! If not now, when? Or will we ever be ready to storm the barricades again?

There’s no end to what they’ll take? -or- La guillotine will claim its bloody prize!

3 thoughts on “Another Swedish Gift to the World

    1. Hello Stuart, Yes. It’s project fear vs raw numbers. All you have to do when faced with one of the pod people is say “Sweden” and drop the mic. Thanks God at least one national government had the sense to rely on science instead of scientism’s false prophets, like that Ferguson Model that started the whole panic. A name that should live in infamy.


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