And they wished and brayed we should stop livin’ so they decided we’d die.

“Stay Safe!”

The new “Good bye” …

…since the Mind Virus’s took over from the Impeach Trump installment of the neverending coup manifested previously as the fake Mueller Investigation predicated upon a fake dossier compiled by a Russian agent sub-source admittedly fond of bar talk and tall tales bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC which had been preceded by the fake investigation of Carter Page whose previous work for the CIA was concealed by the FBI to make it seem like his foreign communications were a sign of traitorous intent instead of totally laudable and legitimate counterintelligence work for a sister US intel agency so the FISA warrant for his surveillance could be rubber stamped and the Trump campaign could be spied on by proxy, albeit with the built-in plausible deniability that was THEIR intent all along… but where was I?

Oh yeah “STAY SAFE!”

Which means, stay shut up and silent and publicly perpetually muzzled because otherwise, ipso post facto, you’re liable for spreading a deadly disease. In other words, PRESUMED SICK UNTIL PROVEN HEALTHY is the new normal we are all expected to obediently accept. And the truly terrifying thing in all of this is that most people so easily do accept it.

What could COVID 2020 possibly mean. COmpulsory Vaccine IDentification? Pure speculation, of course and mummery perhaps. But could this be a dress rehearsal for the totalitarian future when an individuals’ ability to command revenue and utilize goods and services delivery systems and revenue streams–ie having a job and being able to pay for stuff–are all tied to first proving that you’ve taken the government-mandated vaccine? All for a deadly disease that’s 99.9 percent survivable when our God-given immune systems are allowed to train themselves through normal and vigorous close quarter human interaction not stifled by masks and weakened by forced isolation? How does this even make sense? Why is there not a ground swell of dedicated opposition? Why does it seem that the majority doesn’t care?

One could suppose it might come down to the gold fish attention span that’s been steadily hammered into the average joe’s brain as to how and why the collective John Q’s fail to recognize en masse the pattern of deceit the Globalists (or whatever you want to call them, Hydra?) have been slowly ramping up over the past 40 years. The Church of Global Warming/Climate Catastrophe (that was pulled out the ass of the 1970s New Ice Age obfuscation) had promise, but the only inconvenient truth about it was that it was taking far too long. Even with a few Hail Mary’s along the way about ozone holes and acid rain to distract and reset the control-through-weather agenda, the ongoing Ice Age–>Man-made Global Warming–>Climate Change Catastrophe-slash-Crisis refinement and rebranding efforts just were not capturing enough hearts and minds to make it pay.

Enter the game changing virtuosity of mental mindfuck-19.

The dogma of the climate hysteria was predicated on the supposition that Man was fast on the way to being responsible for the end of the world by propagating greenhouse gases that poisoned Earth’s atmospheric system: the main culprit, CO2, ominously and psychologically-wearingly being the exhaling part of the process of respiration, giving the population a still small voice in the back of their heads telling them THEY are all collectively responsible for the imminent global catastrophe by, ipso facto … breathing!

Wouldn’t it be next level humanitarian then, if there were, uhm, less humans? What a concept! Yes, it’s been a wonderful life but now it’s time to do your part by going quietly into that long Soylent Green good night.

But I digress…

As stated earlier, getting to the communistic New World Order via the climate catastrophe con was taking too damn long; the fruits of its belabor had yet to ripen on the vine, most likely out living many of its Globalist adherents before reaping any substantial harvest. How many years can George Soros and Al Gore hold on, let alone the decrepit Rockabucks,’ Mr. Burns’s and Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg’s of the world dismantling behind the scenes?

“Congratulation, gentlemen. We have finally gotten them to actually regret the fact that they have to breathe!”

It could be that there were still too many Generation Xers who remembered their 3rd grade science class film strip showing distinctly how CO2 was part of the Circle of Life; and not some world-ending poison, but the molecule we exhale is responsible for feeding the trees that exhale the oxygen that we breathe! Or maybe it was just pure opportunism for these geniuses of pure evil to jump off the back of their worn down nag onto the strong back of this sabre-toothed gift horse hugging the rail down the home stretch, steadily pulling away from the field.

Whatever the reason, it was a masterful pivot that could only have been executed so effortlessly by the real-time representation of Zorg’s Great Evil, the mainstream press. The psychological straight jacket they’ve put us in since this whole thing began is really quite profound. What a great responsibility has been hoisted upon us as individuals, each but every one of us needs must remember that we’re all in this together! As the locus of a new Andromeda Strain-like End of Days infection we must realize that it might not even manifest any symptoms, but will not be simply spread (sure as we are all constantly reminded by the braying talking heads) but most likely will become the newly christened and garbage human affectionately known as the terrifying SUPERSPREADER! With the gall to haphazardly go about their daily business they exhibit a total disregard from human life through the manifestation of their psychopathic tendencies.

How dare you actually go on living! As in the Climate Catastrophe template, it’s all to do with shaming everyone for the fact that they have the temerity to breathe and, worse yet, breathe with no shame for breathing freely, substituting the abstract green house gas for the Dread Disease, the deadly Covid-19. (A malady our clinically obese 74-year-old President happened to recover from in 3 days, and the press still categorizes it as deadly…)

“…this was not just reckless behavior, this was a demonstration of a wanton disregard for human life.
CNN’s Jake Tapper Covid Shaming President Trump

Do you get the joke yet? Everybody has it even though nobody does. The only way to stop it for certain is to stop your breath. And if you’re not already dead or won’t commit suicide it means you will submit to mental slavery and don a speak-no-evil mask and comply to 6 feet of mandatory unsocial distance.

It’s a joke to them and they probably haven’t stopped laughing since this whole psychological operation began. Can’t you hear them screaming with mirth as they look down on you from the rooftops of the mansions on the hill?

“Stay safe, you morons!” they vociferously yell as we tiptoe around each other with fear reflecting double in the mirrors of our eyes above the great cloth blank where our nose, mouth and emotions used to be.

The cure, Jimi knew, is an anodyne for the epidemic armies of safe hate; like the still moment between the unbowed Harrison Bergeron and the suddenly unfettered ballerina as “they leaped like deer on the moon,” and kissed the sky. Defy the status quo of mandatory restraint, and dare to be bold as love.