Forty years ago Yuri Bezmenov, late (really late) of the KGB, laid out The Plan for all to see.

It’s a long video, so to all the DR,TL or whatever the quotidian short hand is which, on translating the short hand should be DL,TL or DW,TL or OMG! STFU!, I’ll give a boomrx short hand translation for the attention-span impaired. A limerick is always a good teaching tool that usually isn’t DR, TL’d by the goldfish-brained masses.


There was a defector named Yari
Whose message was slow-burning scary
The Commies' whole plan
Was to subvert The Man
By its own hand, the West they would bury

OK, So it’s Yuri, but for my own purposes I had to make it rhyme. To make up for the oversight, I ended it with bury, a ‘u’ word that everyone pronounces like “Barry” so by the laws of linguistic statistic it cancels the discrepancy out. Sophisticatedly speaking, at least.

And it’s not like we the People didn’t or couldn’t see this coming. You raise a whole generation or two who are taught the country where they are living is a system of oppression and what do you expect? From my own past, I remember a young black woman who’d come to our 5th grade class to guest teach for a few days or a week or two (forgive me for the vagueness but it was circa 1979!) and during one lesson I brought up the Great American Melting Pot which I’m pretty sure I knew the most about through that fantastic Schoolhouse Rock episode that I can still sing the chorus to:

Lovely Lady Liberty
With her book of recipes, 
And the greatest one she's go-hot 
The great American Melting Pot
The great American Melting Pot 
The great American Melting POTTTT! 

And, way back when, this young black lady was quick to correct my naive assumption. On the contrary, she assured me, it was more like a tossed salad, an emulsion of constituent parts that were put together but were never really integrated fully, and didn’t have to be. I recall her making knife and fork gestures, which seems odd because who eats a salad with a knife, but anyway, she was illustrating for me, an impressionable 9-year-old, that you could readily dig into this salad and sample all the wonders of these separate (but equal?) thousand islands of savory, that could live in harmony, it was presumed, despite their myriad cultural differences.

Next thing I remember, sitting in the waiting room to see the principal one of the many, many times I’d been caught being naughty, and seeing a poster of a colored butterfly with the caption writ large: BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL, although the poster next to it of the bug-eyed cat hanging from a branch by the tips of its claws captioned HANG IN THERE, BABY was the better of the two as it was a positive message to carry on in the faces of life’s inevitable travail rather than a forced perspective on an obviously subjective declaration. Hearken now to the fact Senor Bezmenov’s lecture brought up racial division as one of the main ways the KGB would create cultural collapse in the world’s most free nation, (and boy do we have that in spades these latter daze). In retrospect for me, anecdotally speaking, it’s easy to see the totalitarian baby steps of the progression toward demoralization and beyond.

Combined with the normalization of hyphenated America, the coordination of this Long March toward communism through mind control is not the mad ranting of baseless conspiracy. As has been noted by minds much greater than mine, control the language and you, as a matter of course, control the mind: the way people translate their thoughts into words and sentences and ideas, it all starts with the concepts behind the words that they have been given to use. The hyphenated American is very matter of fact division by analog that has for at least a generation been shaping the cognitive perspective of our country’s underlying narrative. The very construction of the term physically presented on the page or in our minds or as it’s spoken is itself divided. Textbook subversion, it puts the one thing that could unite US second and the factors that divides US–ie race, creed and competing nationality–first. Using these prescribed hyphenated terms, it has been made impossible to write, speak or comprehend of US as One Nation.

It’s a more wicked web than most any of us concerned citizens can conceive. Add in the enemies of the People working for the globalist agenda in the mainstream press and inside the halls of Congress, not to mention the full court press China is putting on US through corporate influence and widespread academic and professional infiltration. It’s no wonder the last best hope of Mankind is under extreme duress.

Anywhat, it’s been a slow train a comin’. And with the latest revelations of the former administration’s political weaponization of the premiere federal intelligence agency against the opposition party in the 2016 election–a bombshell that is predictably falling on deaf ears or getting zero traction because the MSM won’t report it–old Kruschev infamous hostile declaration toward US back in 1956, “We will BURY you,” may just as soon be translated “BARRY”