Two faced in a split infinity: the perfect brew for the American Psychos lording over us in DC

To all who see the re-election of Donald Trump as some magic bullet please remember that he’s just one man. Anyone who’s been paying attention these past 4 years knows the nearly impossible headwinds of resistance he’s been facing. The resistance has been so strong and dedicated that it has literally split the country into dueling realities with an equal and opposite amount of facts that can only cancel out but never reconcile.

That no one is above the Law is a pretty platitude and one that, if it ever was, stopped being true long ago. Amy Coney Barrett, I am quite certain, believes it when she says it, but that doesn’t suddenly make it so. When mainstream press starts to censor itself (ie Hunter Biden’s incriminating laptop in the NY Post and the coordinated MSM and Silicon Valley operation to block and discredit it) you would think it would wake up a lot of independent voters to reality of our diametric worlds. We can only hope that’s the case. But the point is that regardless of talk, reality speaks a clear and easily understood language in regards to how justice is meted out here in the good ‘ol USA.

Nothing has been so deleterious to the exercise of individual group civics of the E Pluribus Unum sort as the advent of technology and the proliferation of leisure. When we’re enthralled by the personal virtual reality bubbles to which we daily escape, there can be no We the People. The World at our fingertips: instant entertainment and the nearest Chinese restaurant came with a Faustian bargain that few read in the tea leaves, much less in the fine print. Your personal assistant is just as much an exploding albatross around your neck. Oblivious Running Men and Women, willingly absconding of their personal freedom for the convenience of a government transponder and New World Order ticker tape machine.

Hyphenated, isolated and plied with words, we escaped to our own imaginary worlds. Strength in numbers gave way to government-mandated fear of pestilence; Power to the People to Mao’s promise of real political power coming from the smoking barrel of a gun. Divided, conquered, drawn and quartered and mentally disemboweled, we bow down before real-world injustice even as we dance the Orange Justice in our cold pixilated skins.

Until there are more of US willing to gather in the millions outside their corrupted Ministries of Truth to occupy the hallowed ground their very presence desecrates and demand their en masse resignations, there can only be one consolation.