History Harmonizing Like a Barbershop Quartet from Hell

Will Joe Sixpack even notice Joe Biden’s “Joe Welch to Joe McCarthy” Moment?

The words Joe Welch KO’d then-Senator Joe McCarthy’s reputation could just as well be said for former senator Joe Biden after the presidential contender had the audacity to say that e-mails incriminating him in a pay to play scandal involving his son and foreign entities was a Russian disinformation campaign.

Sure. People were simply worn out and finished with the whole mid-1950s McCarthy hearing pushed to the point of mass hysteria by the overzealous showboat and bullying senator from Wisconsin. Three years later, after Joe Welch’s iconic death knell had knocked him from his pedestal, Senator Joseph McCarthy, according to Wikipedai, died in Bethesda Hospital “a broken man.”

Tailgunner Joe McCarthy’s war record, like most of the historical information available regarding the man, is spun as a calculated move by the future Senator to bank political advantage and future power necessary to boost his nascent political aspirations. That he enlisted and served honorably in the Pacific during WWII when he was within his rights to opt out of the war altogether by his status as a state circuit judge is often excluded from the history books; one-sided History couldn’t afford to soften anyone’s opinion of a person it had retrospectively tainted as 100 percent damned. That the collapse of the McCarthy “witch hunts” had more to do with the public’s mental exhaustion and less with the ultimate truth of the accusations proofed by the present pudding.

Nearly 70 years after the Joe McCarthy overplayed his hand pushing the Red Scare, America stands on the precipice, about to dip its collective toe into the bubbling cauldron of communism calling it a Jacuzzi all the while. A country whose academic institutions were long ago overrun by progressive professors–communists by another name–filling students’ heads with postmodernist Marxist theory, creating a generational army of Useful Idiots who set themselves apart from their own country, a country they were taught was fascist, by affixing the prefix anti before their collective name.

Sometimes history repeats diametrically.

Linguistically hidden in plain sight, today’s anti-fascists call each other comrade. The Nazis had the Goebbels propaganda machine push them to victory over the communists, their antifascist antithesis, leading to their ultimate takeover of Germany. Today’s antifascists have the Operation Mockingbird globalist MSM bolstering them in their ongoing battle with Joe Sixpack America: an America their baseline dialectic labels fascist. Our would-be Big leaders dissemble with Big Intelligence, Big News, Big Tech and Big Education over one of their tragically flawed scion’s laptop that incriminates them all in real-time. These Bigs coordinate their misinformation campaign through obfuscation, omission and denial, effectively daring Americans with the next-level tier of gas lighting supremacy, “Who are you going to believe… me, or your lying eyes? (and thrown in for good measure) “When did you stop beating your wife?”

Real journalist Glenn Greenwald quote from the Tucker Carlson show: “…a union of journalists … have decided that their only goal is to defend Joe Biden and elect him president of the United States working with the FBI, CIA, NSA, not to manipulate our adversaries or foreign governments, but to manipulate the American people.”

Ironies twist in on themselves to no end. Joe Welch’s words echo down through the decades, now indicting the institutions they originally protected, allowing the Marxist moles to proliferate their collective ideology into the bloodstream of the population like a poisonous vaccine. “Have you no decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

The short and the long answer to this question now directed at the international oligarchs who wish to rule US is, “Hell no!”

Nationalism and Globalism stand opposed at a fork in the road of history that, one way or the other, will soon be taken. The current national reckoning closes the circuit on nearly a century’s-worth of misprinted lies. And the 100 percent villain (literally Hitler?) Joe McCarthy forever spins in his grave.