Fictitious real worlds in the aftermath of planned chaos

Writing a novel in less than a year with rewrites and edits and proofreads and everything else that goes into the process is a daunting task, especially for someone self publishing having to put on all those different hats. The urgency was because I was trying to get ahead of the curve of the world changing events I saw coming, so I could claim to be a modern day Nostradamus and rake in the bucks and adoration. Of course, my call wasn’t too close. For my accelerationist event I chose the oft cited EMP aka an electro-magnetic pulse set off by a high altitude nuclear explosion that irrevocably destroys the country’s electric grid and leads to social chaos and extinction-level starvation.

Now, as we sit here today, it’s obvious to me and all who still have eyes to see and a mind that functions beyond OMB and government cheese, the pandemic route was and is the EMP that I was writing about, albeit in a quite different iteration. Instead of destroying the physical infrastructure which we need to generate the electricity to live our lives the international globalists and the enemies within (our “Deep State”) have infiltrated and taken over our minds by convincing us to throw away our freedom because there’s an invisible enemy that will most assuredly kill us all if we do not comply to the mandates to all “Stay Safe” as they step-by-step by ever quickening step proceed to muzzle our freedoms and steal our nation.

Regarding FAKE NEWS, RED SHOES, I threw in all the conspiracy theories I could because the level of gaslighting even before the pandemic was so heavy, there is no way to know which ones are true and which ones are false flags thrown out into the mix by the controlled opposition designed to discredit the actuality of the rest. Anyone paying attention had the gut feeling that there was something vile and unspeakable going on beneath the surface. The staged kabuki dance performed by our political elite and all their various international masters and American celebrity pop culture icon co-conspirators was always trying so hard to convince us that there was nothing untoward going on behind the curtain.

Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself is the drop-the-mic moment that should have opened up everybody’s eyes to the fact that the MSM was and is and has always been in on it; as the similar ironclad response to the Covid Fear Porn Pushers is, “Sweden.”

I think I got the Global Warming ulterior motive right, I just didn’t predict correctly what would be the insidiously brilliant evil transitional inversion of the demonizing of CO2 from an atmosphere-wrecking poison to the grandma killing exhalation that must be universally masked. O. a symbolic/spiritual level it really is a breath-taking coup. in essence they have weaponized breathing, turned us against each other for daring to breathe freely and forgoing the muzzle. It’s at once depressing and intriguing how the majority has expressed, on every level and with almost giddy supplication, their willingness to be a slave.

Thinking further on this and the two greatest benchmarks of dystopian fiction that we find ourselves living through today: 1984 and Brave New World, I am reminded that the ideas on how to totally control and lock down a society espoused in these novels weren’t just snatched by their authors from out of thin air. At the time of their writing there were several underground movements and not-so-underground societies headed by Marxist-Leninist philosophers and intellectuals like Herbert Marcuse and Antonio Gramsci that were formulating treatises and making plans on how to best takeover democratic societies through communist subversion by a incremental effort commonly known as “boiling the frog.”

In conclusion, I am aware of the irony of me hawking my wares on a globalist monstrosity that is threatening to subjugate and re-order the world, and fully expect that, should this book ever garner any small bit of support and gain even the shallowest tread of noticeable traction, I’ll be targeted, cancelled and banned. I’ve known this would happen to me, and by extension the world, long before the Plandemic acceleration of the globalist coup. The normalization of political correctness was the introduction of the concept of wrongthink and thought crime into the common culture that was effective in silencing any resistance to the slowly increasing heat of the societal waters, kept us from speaking our minds and taught us to constantly be self-editing lest we let slip an unforgivable and, therefore, ruinous line of original self expression.

Brave New World and 1984 were written as cook books and not, as is the common wisdom, cautionary tales. Right now Big Brother is in overdrive handing out the Soma and right now we must ask ourselves how long we can keep living in water that’s already boiling, and has been for quite a long time.