3 day fast, all will be revealed

Passed out some fact sheets from exposelockdowns.com. Got in a fight with the strip mall’s building manager who, as his final big blow of an insult to me said I must be a Trump supporter, as if this was the Scarlet Letter that would shut me up and put me in my place. Cuz you know I had the audacity to try and raise awareness among the small businesses in his strip mall, get them to understand that they need to stand together. What kind of TDS moron is this man who will be out of a job when the small businesses in the strip mall he manages go out of business due to the demonic governor’s new lockdown? I should have taken him by the shoulders and shaken him till his head flew off. Aside from the fact lockdowns kill more people than the virus and by the psychological effects of the lockdowns than letting the virus with a 99.7 survivability rate run its course! Like nature, man. This fucking governor thinks she’s God! Oma God, will these motherfuckers ever have a moment of clarity and stop being sheep?

So, currently been fasting since late Saturday. I remember an old girlfriend telling me that if you fast and pray for three days, all will be revealed. I didn’t know what else to do. I have kids. We’re being taken over by communist globalists without a whimper from the population. The election is blatantly stolen in front of all of our eyes and shit’s just going on like this is normal. The new normal. Evil is good and good is evil is currently exactly where we are.

So I’ve been praying and fasting, and it’s weird, halfway through the 3 day fast and I’m not really craving food. The anxiety in my stomach may be hunger pangs but it’s just the way I’ve felt now since the plandemic ushered in our brave new communist world and especially the last 3 weeks since the (s)election of this motherfucking international criminal who should be swinging from the gallows along with 75 percent of his cronies in DC!

We all let it get so far so long and now so fast. At least two generations of brainwashed blood-thirsty college grads who’ll swap out the Red for Green Guards once they get their orders to start killing the intellectuals and the middle class (what’s left of it). We fucking idiots are all to blame. But maybe, there is something to this fast and all will be revealed sometime tomorrow night. Keep praying because it’s too much fucking trouble to do much else besides comply with your masters. We’ve proved it by our deeds, and by them shall we ever be known to our eternal shame as the generation that allowed communism to begin its reign of terror right here in the U S of A. Ain’t it cool?

Stay tuned for any further stunning revelations.