A recent post by STRONG. SEXY. VEGAN. hit the nail on the head. Our sense of equilibrium (physically based in the ear I think) is spiritually as in spiritual rightness (or even maybe it’s better termed ‘mental balance?’) is centered in our gut. Hence the term, GUT INSTINCT. This explains the lead weight that has settled in my core since the stolen election and the subsequent machine-like insistence of the government-media complex that what we saw with our own eyes was not what we actually saw.

A video of poll workers in Georgia illegally scanning votes after all the poll watchers and media had been told to leave under the false pretense of a broken water main. More votes than registered voters in MI and WI. Impossible 90 degree (straight up line on the graph of votes counted) increases in Biden vote totals in several swing states at around the same zero dark thirty hour the day after the election that gave him just the right amount of cushion for his coincidental comeback that miraculously happened in every key swing state. There is no reason to list more of the fraud since these verifiable examples are enough to have rigged the result.

We see the lie and they do not care that we see it any longer. It is only important that we now submit to their will, and accept their incoherent version of reality. Playing out in each of our lives in real-time is that penultimate chapter of 1984 where Winston is being convinced by his interrogators that 2+2 = 5. That is the equation we are all being coerced into solving for 5 now. The rat cages affixed to our heads have a number of analogs, not the least of which is being branded a domestic terrorist for daring to acknowledge the obvious lies that have been deemed ‘truth’ by the Establishments of Power. The Jan. 6 Capital Riots have been leveraged to anchor this assertion. Again, without acknowledging their indifference to months of Antifa and BLM violence that burned down entire city blocks and harmed and/or killed the physical bodies of and livelihoods of exponentially more people. The stark contrast is there for anyone with a still reasoning brain to see. The incongruity of the reaction is, for those who’ve not yet been broken, another lead ball sitting heavy in their stomach.

Oh say can you see? = (minus See? Oh. Too.)

Covid is the manufactured crisis that didn’t go to waste. Another coup was making us ashamed to breathe. But that’s a whole other story. The radical rules implemented to rule the masses have been straight Alinsky: freeze the problem, isolate it and blame it for that of which you are guilty: being a perpetual repository of filth and disease. Once you accept the proposition that all individuals pose a lethal risk to every other individuals your mind has been poisoned and you’ve traded your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for a nearly foolproof system of control, guaranteeing yourself a life of mental and physical slavery.

“Who are you gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes?”

The Emperor’s New Clothes

The simulacrum and aphorisms pile up in my mind as the current slow motion destruction of the United States continues before our eyes. The television news is unconscionable as it parrots the federal politicians eternal obfuscations, framing their fascism as democracy and truth lies. Now patriots have become terrorists. The linguistic psychological warfare they’ve perfected has the metamorphosis of the republic to a dictatorship nearly complete.

There is no difference now in the place we are living than the historical examples of several 20th century totalitarian states just before they exploded into genocidal killing fields. Russia froze and isolated (ie demonized) the semi autonomous farmers known as the Kulaks; the German’s froze and isolated the Jews; Mao froze and isolated intellectuals; Pol Pot froze and isolated those who wore eyeglasses among other arbitrary things. Trump supporters are now in the process of being frozen and isolated by Biden and the powers that be. The whole world has become a lead weight. Hell is a place without reason. Alinsky dedicated his Rules to the world’s first radical, Lucifer, the light bringer and master of diabolical inversions. Can you feel it churning in your gut like a parasite that never leaves because it is all too familiar.

More pithy titles and abstract aphorisms:

“It can’t happen here.”

History never repeats.