The Plastic Biden “Oh No!” Band

A typical day at the spa for Plastic Joe. It’s a put on.

I read an article today that made the point that our national motto (or one of them) E Pluribus Unum [Out of many, one] must be paired with the other motto on the flip side of the currency, In God We Trust [deus autem est in fide]. Disconnected from ‘Faith in a higher power,’ the ‘Pluribus’ — and, it follows that the ‘Unum’ — will inevitably become corrupted by misplacing trust in worldly power.

It follows that faith in a higher power is an essential component of keeping the American republic. The first essay I wrote for this blog THE REASON FOR GOD goes into detail about how political systems that replaced God with the State have all devolved into the worst genocides of the 20th century. Lenin and his replacement Stalin are responsible for five times the deaths of everybody’s go-to incarnation of ultimate evil, Hitler. Compared to his counterparts body count, Adolf was a third rate piker. Mao and Stalin alone easily outdid Hitler in that department 20 to 1 if you lowball the pair’s combined numbers and give them around 100 million. To put it the way a modern brand-oriented zombie might better comprehend, these guys were the McDonald’s of genocide and Hitler wasn’t even Whataburger, maybe Church’s Chicken.

Regardless of body count, what they also all had (and have) in common — National Socialist [Nazi, for short], Bolshevik communist, Marxist revolutionary or whatever you want to call them [DC politicians?]. — they all created totalitarian states that turned citizens into slaves. Viewing the people as pawns in their international games of chess, sending millions of young men to fight and die in foreign lands for the war profiteers they were in bed with was their stock in trade. But even if you were so lucky to be spared the battlefield, the jail cell or the rope, what passed for normal life in such a police state was day to day hell. Dissent was not tolerated and met with swift and harsh punishment. According to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, many prisoners in the gulag had no clue what they’d done to earn their sentence.

Constant threat of incarceration and death was the hand of the State muzzling the mouths of their populations, a virtual mask inscribed “Speak No Evil.” Ideas that opposed this total system of control–written spoken or thought — even a joke about the political reality — was construed a crime against the State. The newly minted domestic terroris could expect nothing less than dire consequence totally out of scale with their offense. Bolstered by state-approved propaganda (Goebbels, Pravda, Isvestia Fox and CNN etc etc) these total systems of control were put in place for the sake of the public good.

You know, for Unity … (or else).

I’m wondering if any of this sounds familiar. If not, or maybe just a little, then let me circle back. Plastic Joe Biden is the face of the cabal of international corporations and intelligence agencies that are the real players making hits behind the scenes, like a session band that lays down killer tracks in the studio, while the performers on TV sing what they’ve been told to sing. The front man’s lack of talent is covered by the hype job of State media and their lockstep adoration, but is apparent to those few who actually pay attention to the product on the screen.

The factotum that leads a gas lighted nation forced into a false reality created by the Gods in the Machine.

With his drum-tight face, blinding veneers and plugs by hair club for men, Joe Biden, so often seen in the public wearing one, is himself a mask for the real powers-that-be just off screen. This globalist cabal of leftist communists and the technocrat fascist billionaire right wing is far more insidious than their mask-wearing mask–the human fetish Plastic Joe. Contrary to the famous lyrics, the Revolution was indeed televised Nov. 3 when the election was stolen right before our lying eyes, a deus ex machina that would be laughed right out of a pitch meeting for a movie, but has now become the basis for the simulation in which we now find ourselves living.