62 genders of fear on the wall

Masks on, in your face and in your brain. What do you know about normal and who is insane?

That we learn by repetition has been exploited by the extant nonexistent conspiracy-theoried elites who never have or will devise conspiracies to control us. Thus, the never posted blogs about NM Gov Lujan-Grisham as the modern day equivalent of Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest that were halfway writ but never manifested on these virtual pages. The movie, not the book. Or maybe the book, too, though her character in the book I don’t remember as vividly as I do her portrayal in the movie.

What I remember most from the book is Chief’s understanding of society summed up in the metaphor. The Combine, a totalitarian system of control that is hidden just a scosh beneath the visible spectrum of reality, but that you’ll sometimes catch a glimpse of out of the corner of your eye or see shimmering above the solid blacktop of existence like an infrared mirage rising off the sun-baked highway in between you and your destination somewhere beyond the horizon. See also, ‘a glitch in the Matrix.’

The funny thing is that most of the scholarly articles about this aspect of the book call Chief Bromden’s construct a paranoid delusion, when in my estimation it is spot on and spills easily into other areas of artistic creation bred from experience of the absurdities of top down control, and the atrocities that inevitably follow the diktats of all would-be human God’s beautifully crafted insanities.

Workers of the world unite! The year is one! Build back better!

Full frontal facial non-face of an imaginary nation.

The slogans change, but the formula remains the same. Appeal to peoples vanity as you replace their individual humanity with an all-encompassing fetish to alleviate their fear. Fear which has been stoked by the very Godhead that now seeks to fix it.

Wear the mask for me and I’ll wear it for you. We’re all in this together. Fifteen days to slow the spread.

Hegelian Dialectic to rule them all…thesis, antithesis, synthesis equals problem, solution, compromise equals covid, total lockdown, masks and social distancing.

Of course none of this is elegant as E=MC2. Scientific relativity is not equivalent to morality, though that hasn’t stopped anyone from exploiting it through false equivalence. Follow the science! as in ‘science because we say so’ regardless of the facts of the real numbers and that masks and social distancing over the course of the year of ’15 days to slow the spread’ has definitively not slowed it but only stopped an individual’s ability to discern the comfort of an other’s smile. The mask has become the face (a non-face fetish) of an everlasting pandemic for a disease deadly as the flu.

Reality has been masked by a lie. Our minds are now masked with paranoid delusions about a disease that, statistically speaking, is fearsome as the flu. Masking up is embracing our own slavery on several levels, and also serves to reinforce in perpetuity the sacrosanct FEAR that at one point in our national conscience was classified as a mental bugaboo to be shunned for its own sake. Do you really have to wonder why FDR’s once lauded quote was so suddenly canceled and thrown down the memory hole? Nothing is true now except Ken Kesey’s fictional character’s paranoid delusion. We are all now, consciously or unconsciously, willing and unwilling patients within the walls of an Asylum, pushing our mops and taking our pills. Bound together by the Con in our respective nutshells…the Combine is real.

Always know sometimes think it’s me, but you know I know when it’s a dream.
But do you really?