Andy, did you hear about this one?

Undefeated, undisputed champion of the world!

I wanted to recapture the old days of the carnivals,” Kaufman said. “Wrestlers used to go from town to town with carnivals, and offer $500 to any man who could last in the ring with them for three minutes. So I figured if I could offer a prize and make it like a contest, it could be very exciting. But I couldn’t very well challenge men in the audience, because I’d get beaten right away. Most men are bigger than me and stronger than me. So I figured if I challenge women, they’d have a good chance to beat me.

Andy Kaufman

What was 40 years ago an epic troll of the Feminist Movement’s “Anything men can do, women can do better” credo has now become the law of the land with a stroke of pisspants Joe Biden’s pen. A subject that was once the material of comic genius has now become a societal horror.

The masked dictator bypasses congress with his insane executive orders. Does he even know what he is signing?

Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access t the restroom, the locker room, or school sports. … All person should receive equal treatment under the law, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation.

Joseph ‘pisspants’ Biden

Translated to English from DC doublespeak what JPB is really saying is boys who say they feel like girls now must be granted full access to girl’s sports and, oh la la, their locker rooms. A vast majority of a reasonable electorate would understand that this EO is crazy. And yet…it still stands. The level of cognitive dissonance exhibited by our current cancel cultural norms are off the hook. Science has become an unassailable brickbat to beat skeptics of certain unassailable ‘truths’ (such as Covid 19 lockdowns and their speak-no-evil muzzle accessory as well as the certainty of climate change) but also nonexistent in the case of genitalia. There can be no binary absolute in a world of state-mandated gender infinity. It’s how one feeeeeeeeeeeeelzzzzzzzzzzz, regardless of what is between your legs. Anyone who questions whether wrestling women is a ‘dick move’ better keep it to themselves lest they too be taken to the mat by the social justice mob.

Yeah, but testosterone-enhanced Mack Beggs will never break Andy Kaufman’s historic 400-0 record.

Andy Kaufman’s carnival has, like Borge’s once fictitious country TLON, slowly and inexorably taken over the whole of the land. Somehow, men beating on women has been taken from the realm of grande guignol-style comedy to being (albeit by royal fiat) the Law of the Land. Does anyone else find it exceedingly difficult to retain their sanity living in this freak show?