A moment passed, and then a ballerina arose, swaying like a willow.

Harrison plucked the mental handicap from her ear, snapped off her physical handicaps with marvelous delicacy. Last of all he removed her mask.

She was blindingly beautiful.

I recently reread Kurt Vonnegut’s HARRISON BERGERON. It had always been in the back of mind as somehow indicative of the present day’s sorry state of affairs. After reading it again the parallels to the current societal dysfunction were outright stunning. The use of physical ‘handicaps’ in the story (weighted burlap bags affixed to limbs, blinders and headphones blaring mind-jangling crashes and bangs) so that everyone is ‘equal’ is reminiscent of the predicament that we all find ourselves in, though HB’s authoritarians were Neanderthal pikers compared to our own, seeing as how the generals handicapping our lives have got us to accept our slavery by simply using the power of suggestion. Like the tailors in another literary standard that is prescient of the psychological restraints being brought to bear against us today, THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES.

Predicated on keeping us all safe from an imaginary plague (the covid numbers now demonstrably show its morbidity is equal to the flu) our compliance has been won by harnessing fear to normalize an abnormal situation. Ignoring facts, our MSM tailors have weaponized fear of a benign virus to exacerbate the situation, telling us that regardless of symptoms, we’re all potentially wearing the conveniently invisible disease. Physical handicaps are unnecessary when you’ve convinced an entire population to fear their own because, regardless of symptoms, everyone is now sick until proven healthy. This essentially state-sanctioned social dislocation is far more damaging than the disease it is, ostensibly, counteracting.

Forget the weighted bags, noise distortion headphones and vision-impairing goggles of Harrison Bergeron, the only physical handicap that our real-life handicapper generals have needed to continue the mass hysterical deception has been the mask. If no one was wearing them, you’d soon forget that there was a disease. In this way, the mask has become the physical representation of covid 19 replacing the largely nonexistent disease itself. Combined with the fact that covid 19 has gone endemic, there is no reason to believe that our subjugation will ever end.

Sadly, the State has tricked the People into embracing their own slavery.