Creating an alternative alternate universe

Current unreality is a fictitious witch casting shadows on a wall

Gloom and doom. The Twilight of the Gods. What we’re about to witness is the inevitable collapse of a civilization ruled over by psychopathic politicians who believe themselves the alphas and the omegas. At this point it is clear the cure is so much worse than the disease, and yet the population is so conditioned to go along with anything, even though it’s so obviously a charade, they have abdicated their citizenship to embrace their own slavery.

That a free populace would even entertain the idea of accepting the fraudulently ripped off election of Beijing Joe Biden proves the axiom that the electorate gets what they deserve.

But this attitude plays right into the trap that’s been set for us peons. doesn’t it. In a world where science is sexual orientation ‘feelz’ instead of actual genitalia the George Costanza method of contrary impulse activation may be the current reality’s ‘reality dislocation”s kryptonite. In other words, in an upside down world, it’s always opposite day.

Blue skies are gonna cloud up, put on a frowny face.

Try do not; do do.

Mask down, waste lives.

I’m from the government and I’m here to ruin every last goddamn thing under the sun, and your little dog, too. The black magic spell cast over the world could be broken with a bucket of ice cold water.