FASH-COM Bait and Switch

Check out the 1981 after school special, THE WAVE. Again, the punchline is part of the obfuscation. Hitler’s Germany is the be-all-end-all for evil regimes even as communists in real-time were imprisoning and killing their own citizens! Nazism was destroyed and Stalin and Mao filled the vacuum to the tune of 120 million of their citizen’s killed, and millions forced to languish in re-education (ie concentration) camps and gulags. What do you call it when you mix truth with lies? Misinformation, total mind manipulation or death cab for cutie? You know, it’s a mental mindfuck. In other words, THE WAVE brilliantly presents all the symptoms of fascism/communism, but then runs out the failed boogeyman that was vanquished generations before while the real monsters are hiding in plain sight doing their thing on the world stage as the camera’s rolled and the band played on.

To be clear, fascism and communists were fighting in the streets of Germany before Hitler took control with the help of the Brown shirts, who he conveniently terminated AFTER they helped him quash the communists. Then Hitler himself and his National Socialists revolution got squashed in WWII by the good old USA and the communists of the Russian persuasion. So, Nazism was wiped out whilst the communist revolution was still in motion. Stalin and Mao were just getting started. But the West’s obsession with Hitler was just getting going too so that the evils of communism paled in comparison as we were all filled up with keeping the hate for the ghosts of long defeated national socialists churning and burning. A perfect foil for an extant evil of communism both Russian and Chinese styles, that would only get stronger as the decades rolled along.

Kruschev is famous for his “We will bury you” quote in relation to the natural opposition between Capitalism and Communism. Again, I’ve mentioned ex-KGB operative Yuri Bezmenov’s instructive cautions filmed nearly 40 years ago. In short, Antonia Gramsci’s Long March through the Institutions has come to fruition. Covid 19 mass hysteria has been the final nail in the coffin. “Exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information. Facts tell nothing to him.”

In the context of the above video, the CRISIS is Covid 19, and the normalization “new normal” is being brought about before our very eyes by the benevolent dictator Joe Biden with the Great Reset policies of globalization, again, right before our very eyes. Covid Passports trojan horse of current communist Chinese “social credit” tyranny that will create an entire class of lepers who resist and another class of willing slaves who think the answer is following the “rules” of their oppressors.

Again, and I’m not certain this is any great insight or the reason why it has been so easy to pull the wool over so many sheep’s eyes, but the bulwarks set against a resurgence of Nazism were so convincingly warned against we couldn’t see the communist takeover happening behind the doors of our, albeit altered, perceptions. Now, it’s almost a fait accompli. In the matter of a year, the false reality of a communist state has been made reality in a place that was supposed not to ever be taken over so easily.

We were all so on guard against a recurrence of the dead as a door nail “Heil Hitler” we ignored the prevalent creep of the very much alive and actively subverting ideology of communism.

Nobody’s doing shit about it. Accept your slavery with a mask and an unseen smile. We all got played. Welcome to Beijing, pal.

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