Dr. Pangloss Meets the Blob

Pangloss willfully ignores any evidence that contradicts his initial opinion. He also produces illogical arguments to support his preconceived notions. Pangloss’s philosophy encourages a passive and complacent attitude toward all that is wrong in the world. If this world is the best one possible, than there is no reason to make any effort to change things perceived as evil or wrong. 

In regards to the tyrannical diktats put in place by the state with the excuse of pandemic safety, the majority of people have subscribed to Candide’s boyhood tutor’s foolhardy optimism. In this best of all possible worlds, it stands to reason that everyone wear a mask and obey the mandates of their mandarins. Not by science or anything real, but because SCIENCE! and Orange Man bad.

Just as Nazism has been foisted upon the world as the gold standard for evil since the middle of the 20th century up to now, even though it was defeated 80 years ago and wiped from the face of the earth creating the power vacuum filled by the countervailing evil of communism (over 120 million served! as in imprisoned, tortured, murdered and starved to death) , the whole basis of reality has become one big bait and switch. Some things cannot be questioned, giving true evil the cuticle it needs to exploit to be granted the authority to tell everyone what is and what is not accepted speech or manners.

That ivermectin and HCQ are medically documented treatments that sap covid of its bite (officially black listed by the false profits of big Pharmacy and their political lackeys) would be grounds for Nuremburg type trials in a real world, not the ‘best of all possible’ construct the world has morphed into these latter daze. And the blob has seeped its red gelatinous goo into the very fabric of America with the trite mundanity of fortune cookies, as the corporate globalist town criers on TV are still witch hunting borscht and babushkas [because, let us all say it again, “Orange Man Bad!”

Strange that Voltaire’s hundreds of years old fiction so nails the zeitgeist of today, which proves that history is constantly repeating (because the same old bullshit that didn’t work three generations ago is finally going to work 3 generations removed from when it proved to be an utter disaster, right?) and it’s not just these now that an entire population consisted mainly of human sheep. Without the spiritual check and balance of belief in something greater, humans holding power inevitably promote themselves into the complex business of Divine stewardship, in other words they put themselves in place of God. Whether delusional do gooders who actually think they can legislate a grand combined theory of everything from a seat of government power or opportunistic assholes who know they’re full of shit who just want power by any means, the fact is they’ve been so single mindedly psychopathic in their pursuit of power that they’ve all become monsters. The perks and emoluments given any politician on the national scene is addictive as Gollum’s ring of power, to cadge another literary reference, I’m sorry but it all resonates so much better through art, in this place fiction, which as you know is the lie that tells the truth. Which in itself is pretty funny seeing as how the real world has become nothing but lies. Who actually believes Joe Biden received that many votes and is one of the most popular presidents in history? That we would allow our country to be led, even if it is in name only, by such a hollow man proves you get the leadership that you deserve. Even as he dotters through another heavily-scripted press conference, we the hollow people see the personification of absolute corruption right in front of our fucking faces but prefer to believe it’s the fault of our lying eyes.

I’ve not been motivated lately to post because I’m just being a broken record, but the similarity of the current state of the citizenry and the philosophy of Dr. Pangloss struck me as too on the nose to let slip away. Nihow (and dosvedanya) comrade.