From China, with Love

Imagine if you will a country where a penis are bobs and vagine. Big man, pig man. Ha ha. Charade you are. Nothing is real, but good and plenty to get hung about. The creator of the Blob said there was no metaphorical connection between his movie and communism, but also found it telling that it had never been screened in the USSR. When logic and perception have blurred to the point where the Dadaist movement built the Hoover Dam, then what’s the use of writing persuasive essays with anything but epigrams? The revolution was televised 40 years ago and we were all programed to see the symptom but lied to about the cause.

The 1981 after school special THE WAVE, using a high school class as it’s incubator, shows how totalitarian ideology can become a creeping monster that is irresistible and nearly indestructible, that will consume whole societies if the seeds planted are indiscriminately let grow. Then comes the great and powerful obfuscation, wherein the climax of this 40-year old made-for-television cautionary tale frames the root of this societal evil on….drum roll pleaseHitler!

Of course………

Seems like forever we plebes have been battered nonstop in text books, Hollywood films and TV with the notion that Hitler’s 3rd Reich was the Final Boss of genocide, when in fact it is not even close. Stalin and Mao combined genocides dwarf poor old Adolf. Slightly altering an analogy I made in an earlier post, if genocide was fast food communism would be McDonald’s and fascism Church’s Chicken.

Even with highballing of Germany’s numbers and the lowballing of the PRC’s, the one two punch of Chinese and Russian communism clobbers the Nazi’s five fold in the field of millions served death by institutional violence or intentional starvation. Notably missing on the chart is communist North Korea which is doing its best to climb into the upper echelons of this ignominious list by indiscriminately imprisoning and killing its own people.

The knee jerk response is pathological, its been so ingrained in all our shitty public indoctrinations, er, I mean, educations that Hitler is the human incarnation of all the demons listed in the Necronomicon and then some. Thus you get useful idiots unironically wearing Che Guevara T-shirts manipulated by the system to smear the first (and now probably last) non establishment president as Literally Hitler.

Despite the fact Nazism was roundly defeated 75 years ago and is hardly anymore a viable thing, for some reason we all need to be vigilant and on guard because, we are told, there are literal Nazi’s lurking around each corner. Meanwhile there are communists doing communist things at this very moment in China: disregarding the life and liberty of its citizen-slaves who are at the mercy of the State and can be detained without cause for the slightest infraction, whether it’s spitting on the sidewalk or criticizing public officials in social media post, even simply possessing Winnie the Pooh memes of the all-powerful Xi Jinping.

Stalin and Mao were just getting started when Hitler’s Reich went up in smoke. But the West’s obsession with Hitler was just getting going, too, so the evils of communism were veiled by the ghost of an already vanquished evil. Owing to the wall of propaganda, we were all filled up with keeping the hate for the ghosts of long defeated national socialists churning and burning, a perfect cover for an extant evil of communism both Russian and Chinese styles, that would only get stronger as the decades rolled by.

Kruschev is famous for his “We will bury you” quote in relation to the natural opposition between Capitalism and Communism. Again, I’ve mentioned ex-KGB operative Yuri Bezmenov’s instructive cautions filmed nearly 40 years ago. In short, Antonio Gramsci’s Long March through the Institutions has come to fruition.

Exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information. Facts tell nothing to him.

In the context of the above video, the CRISIS is Covid 19, and the normalization (aka “new normal”) is being brought about before our very eyes by the benevolent dictator Joe Biden with the Great Reset policies of globalization, again, right before our very eyes. Covid Passports are just another name for the current communist China tyrannical system of social credit that creates the have and have nots, a class of lepers and another of willing slaves who think the answer to oppression is blind obedience.

Again, and I’m not certain this is any great insight or the reason why it has been so easy to pull the wool over so many of our eyes, but the bulwarks set up against a resurgence of Nazism were so convincingly warned against we couldn’t see the communist takeover happening behind the doors of our malevolently altered perceptions. We were all so on guard against the mythical resurgence of a non-existent bugbear of Nazism we ignored the prevalent creep of the very much alive and surging communist blob taking over all of the institutions around the world.

John Huston wraps his hand around the face of his terrified grand daughter/daughter as his daughter whom he raped and had a child with lies slumped dead at the wheel. It’s a scene straight to the heart of what it is when all that is evil and wrong triumphs absolutely and the only consolation is to forget.

Forget about it, people…we’re China now