The Grown Up version of “I know you are, but what am I?” is tried and true.

It all makes sense when you realize those in power are basically mimicking the deflection technique we all used in kindergarten.

In more sophisticated terms: Blame your enemy for that of which you are guilty. It works every time. A few examples: Trump’s Russia collusion predicated on a document proven to be hearsay and outright fiction that was originally bought from a British spy by the Hillary Clinton campaign under the dubious category of “opposition research.” Jeffrey Epstein murdered himself. Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are enemies of the people.

The list is long and oft cited here…and the play list just keeps on growing.

That anxiety you’re feeling in the pit of your stomach on a daily basis, if you haven’t given up your soul, is the incongruity of seeing the lie that is constantly being spat in your face in this most egregious and psychologically disturbing fashion.

Just today, the House democrats are staging another dumb show about their staged event at the Capitol, calling it an attempted insurrection. Regardless of the footage showing capitol police ushering these people in, people who would later be rounded up, Stalin’s NKVD style, and held without charges or bail to this very day, the public nods and smiles as the country goes up in smoke around them, smiling through the pain and exclaiming, “This is fine!” Those with eyes that see know the actual insurrection already happened the night of Nov 3rd when all 5 swing states stopped counting at around Midnight Eastern Time with Trump leading every swing state, and then when morning came around all five were miraculously held by the pretender Biden. Vis, blame your enemy for that of which you are guilty.

And on top of it, just for laughs, you are told you must muzzle up to save lives because cases of an uncommon cold are going up again. It’s a not so subtle usurpation of your inclination to simply breathe. And as Trump was the architect of his own destruction by jumping on the plandemic bandwagon (that ushered in the mail in voting that was used to manufacture the mega ballot dumps that tipped the election for the puppet Biden) when at first he, Trump, had been skeptical, we comply with these psychological terrorist at our own peril. Fifteen days to stop the spread is now whenever the psychopaths in power wish to have a lark at our expense..

When do we as people realize we’re being played for fools and stand up with one voice shouting, I’m rubber and you’re glue, your words bounce off me and stick to you! Or, to be more adult about it, Fuck off, asshole.