Walter Biden and the Scales That Should Be Falling From Our Eyes

Trailing by millions of votes in 5 swing states the night of the election, Walter Biden magically leads in all 5 the morning after.

Acts 9 speaks of Saul experiencing that illuminating revelation on the Road to Damascus that led to a 3 day period of physical blindness that culminated in the realization that everything he theretofore thought, believed and had done was a lie is summed up in the paraphrase, “and the scales fell away from his eyes.”

This bible story is instructive of the place we find ourselves in today excepting that today we all have so many Damascus Roads it’s more like a big city cloverleaf fraught with as many roads as their are spokes in a wheel. I’ve previously chronicled the preponderance of these Ah Hah moments before, made them into lists even, as well as drilled down into in particular instances of past ipso post facto occurrences such as the whole Mueller charade based on the Russian Collusion Hoax predicated on the barroom boasts of a Russian think tank as interpreted and writ down by a former British spy to be used as opposition research for Madame Secretary before it became the reason for illegally spying on the Trump campaign.

Another whopper impossible to swallow, the utter absurdity of billionaire child trafficker to the stars Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide. And the even more absurd notion that the mainstream press would have the audacity to report on it with straight faces. Which they did, leading to the even more ridiculous reality where people didn’t cock an eyebrow when presented with that news!

We’ve been lied to for so long that it’s nothing really to believe some stone cold stunners that go far beyond the pale of what, in a sane world, would never be reported on because there would be no chance that such bullshit would ever be believed. And yet, here we are.

On behalf of Devilish Jane Doe, the satanic temple argues abortion is necessary for her to be able to exercise her religious freedom.

Perhaps this is what Peak Clown World looks like, I don’t know…each time you think it can’t get any more absurd, it gets more absurd. But now at least it seems here we’re getting closer to the crux of the matter. And regardless of how you feel about Christianity or religion in general, you cannot argue otherwise that it is, on the face of it, manifesting itself on a Biblical scale: Go(o)D vs. (d)Evil Not quite yet the book of Revelations, but definitely in the neighborhood of the Synagogue of Satan.

The fact that democrats are praising the Temple of Satan for their stance against the Texas law that denies abortion after 6 weeks really ought to open up your eyes; make you see what’s really going on behind the curtain. Even if you are pro-choice for pragmatic reasons, if you think a woman should be allowed to save herself from the inconvenience of an unwanted pregnancy regardless of the separate being inside her, you can’t deny that modern science breakthrough of the ultrasound (real science, not that kind that double-masked covidiots screech about as they gag on Dr. Fauci’s caduseus) has allowed us to see a fully formed human being inside the womb that fifty years ago was said to only be a clump of cells. Now you must change your outlook even if you do not change your mind. In other words, you know it’s destroying a human life instead of a clump of cells because you can see the body within the womb, but since it’s growing inside a woman’s body, the woman’s body takes precedence over the baby’s. At this point you cannot fall back upon the canard “it’s just a clump of cells.”

It is for this reason you have to give the devil and his church their due for standing on principle instead of defaulting to the clump of cells argument that has been, thanks to the ultrasound, thoroughly disproven. Refreshingly, their argument doesn’t parse words, but straight out claims that abortion after 6 weeks infringes on their followers’ ability to take part in satanic abortion rituals.

Did you hear that? Do you have ears that still can hear?

There will now be a ruling whether a satanic ritual will be the thing that allows the carte blanche continuation of a satanic ritual.

Interestingly, there was a pre-Christian religion that worshipped a god called Moloch that engaged in child sacrifice as one of its sacred rites. Also interesting is the fact that Christianity–which is based upon God’s own child sacrifice, the brutal killing of his only begotten son by those He was sent to redeem–can be construed as the one time offering meant to put an end to the child holocaust of Moloch worship, which normalized murdering children on an unprecedented scale.

Does this sound familiar?

Fast forward to the current day: there will now be a ruling on whether a satanic ritual will get relief from our legal system. The fact, already alluded to, has been hiding in plain sight for nearly 50 years, and that democrats are cheerleading the Satanic Temple’s right to kill babies because it fits their agenda should be giving millions of misguided Sauls their Damascus moments as banks of blinding klieg lights blast on inside their heads.

All the euphemisms have been stripped away now and abortion is exposed for what it truly is…a satanic ritual. Hell yeah it’s biblical…you reap what you sow.