Marshall Applewhite of the Heavensgate doomsday cult: the bug-eyed doppelganger of Dr. Fauci.

What is a cult, you ask? Famous examples abound in my lifetime from the poison Kool-aid of Jim Jones to the murder hippies sent out to do Charles Manson’s satanic killings to name just two. However they play out in reality, cults share similar characteristics that can be enumerated. If you look at these characteristics it’s easy to understand that the current mass brainwashing we’ve all been subjected to now for nearly two years (and counting) because of covid is actually the creation of a cult.

Cults have a top dog, a guru if you will who’s dogma is unquestioned. Anthony Fauci has become the covid cult’s messianic leader, revered during this time for his firm grasp of science which, we are told, we must trust unconditionally because, flying in the face of actual science, the science is settled (ie wear the mask, self isolate, get the vax..this is the final solution).

Cults are never based in logic because critical thinking will easily expose the guru for the con man that he really is. Thus covid, with a statistical recovery rate of of 99.7 percent has been used to shut down the world economy as if it were Ebola. This makes no sense at all, and yet it’s been so hyped up by our leaders and the media (the unholy alliance of political and journalist classes) as some deadly disease that our reaction to it has passed into the realm of outright lunacy. The covid madness has tapped in to the human trait of fear of death on such a fundamental level that there are some people that never take off their masks and cower from their fellow citizens as if they were, for want of a better term, the plague. Natural immunity is no longer a thing. Regardless of several studies that conclude those recovered from covid have up to 7 more times protection than the vaccinated are never reported on in the mainstream. The vaccine itself has now been admitted to not stop the spread or infection from that which it’s supposed to immunize you from, negating the reason why you should have ever gotten it in the first place. This is insanity. And the fact natural immunity isn’t reported on as a valid alternative for the clot shot is a criminally negligent omission by any so-called leader, not to mention any self-respecting news gathering organization. Those clerics of the cult of covid, the main lawgivers who take their orders from Saint Fauci and disseminate his misinfo, disinfo and lies of omission to the world are either cultic co-conspirators or hopelessly insane.

Cults often arise from other cults, like the Bill Belichick coaching tree or the proliferation of fast food joints after the blockbuster success of McDonalds. Global Warming has been a pushed by the global establishment long before Al Gore used the myth of vanishing polar bears to win an Oscar and posit the fear of the coming doomsday to sell carbon credits and start a quasi industry of beating back the doomsday that inevitably would be if immediate action was not forthcoming. Now the cult of covid has accomplished more in two years to further that same global establishment’s authoritarian agenda than the wannabe cult of climate change could muster in forty. The immediacy of a plague that is probably emanating from your neighbor’s exhalations is a much catchier marketing plan than some not too distant (12 years or 5 or 20) but still far enough off day of cataclysm that always never come so the masters of the climate crisis disasters simply reset their calendars for another 10 year cycle of slow burning fear in order to line their pockets with sucker’s cash. A weird correlation between Climate and covid hysteria is the CO2 connection: the global warming crowd sees this gas (that is necessary for the production of oxygen by the way) as a poison and the covid cultists insist on masks that, if you follow the AGW crowd’s logic, makes you huff your own poison.

Cults are famous for holding their initiates in isolation and then killing them with kindness. Lockdowns, anyone? Followed by the unbelievably coercive push for everyone to take the vaccine that will, it’s been assured to them, give them back their freedom and the shining city on the hill will once again be coming up roses (though a endless line of booster shots are looming like a distant storm on the horizon). Money and food and even million dollar lotteries have set up as incentives for those who still have reservations. Happy days could come back again as long as every one, not just you, would acquiesce to the vaccine.

Cult leaders usually exploit their followers sexually if not downright abuse them. The Charles Manson family had orgies and several eastern mystics, notable the Maharishi took advantage of many of the pretty women who were attracted to his brand of transcendental seclusion. I doubt Anthony Fauci is guilty of any of this kind of behavior but his fans show cult-like adoration by the thousands who’ve signed a petition to nominate him for People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive.

Cults always have some kind of Doomsday scenario they are building toward. For Manson it was an all out race war and for that Applewhite guy of the Heavensgatists it was an alien invasion of some kind wasn’t it? Anyhow. I touched on this previously concerning covid (as well as climate change). What covid has over climate is that the doomsday is now, and purportedly all around us in the very air that we or anyone around us breathes, not to mention exhales…there’s the “CO2” connection again. Asymptomatic spreading is a diabolically genius tool to absolutely control the masses and encourages a perpetual state of of mass hysteria and government control. Incidentally, linguistic warfare is also being waged by the media’s insisting that covid is a neverending pandemic when the actual term for a recurring disease they should all be using is endemic, which is what we refer to the seasonal maladies cold and flu as, ie “cold and flu season.” Then people would realize it was just another flu-like disease we all will have to live with and the war-like footing that we are constantly under (indeed covid has been likened to an invading army that we all have to battle to wipe it out completely) would not be able to be sustained.

Cult leaders are famous for flouting the strict rules they impose on their followers. Also known as, Do as I say and not as I do’ism. Quick examples spring to mind of this exact behavior in the past year: Obama’s birthday bash on Martha’s vineyard where nary a mask was seen nor any social distancing; Gavin Newsom’s French Laundry dining party after he’d just shut down restaurant for indoor dining statewide; Nancy Pelosi’s hair appointment after she’d signed off on closing down salons statewide; the 35,000 dollar per plate Met Gala where an old maskless biddy modeling an EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN dress with masked female servants in the background of the photo stand with their backs against the wall. The list could go on another page…SF mayor London Breed, Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago that fat ass governor of Illinois flying to Florida after locking down his own state….oy vey.

Cults defer all knowledge of their deity to the guru. Like the medieval Catholic church that restricted interpretation of the bible to the clerical classes alone (ie for our purposes the mainstream press) to convey to the unwashed masses. So, we are told masks and vaccines are the science we must trust and obey, and that ivermectin and hcq and monoclonal antibodies are not a thing or even identified as poison although they all have long, proven track records of successful mitigation of disease and have been used in countless instances to whip covid like a rented mule. And yet, saintly Dr. Fauci and his clerics, the lapdog media, do not preach this reality, only the harmful acts and substances that are their creed: experimental vax, masks, social distance self isolation. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

The guru gets all the money while the followers are fleeced. Dr. Faustus, er, I mean Fauci sold his soul to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for million dollar grants and a helluva bowl of bat soup. Vaccines are a billion dollar industry and Saint Fauci and his acolytes are most definitely cashing in.

What more can one say?

The mothership has fallen into near Earth orbit. Put on your Nikes.

The Ayatollah of Covid-Ebola: the cult leader behind the mass hysteria that never ends.