Good cop-Bad cop & the amazing DC perpetual emotion party that never ends

The poster girl for laws for thee but not for me and the ongoing state of the national political class’s irrefutable criminal immunity

Hype on every side, even though there really are no sides. The spectacle never ends. Enjoy the show. And of course, Henry the Horse Dances the Waltz!

You’ve got Frilly Milley admitting Afghanistan withdrawal was as successful as Joe’s pull out when he conceived Hunter. You’ve got cold, hard evidence the Russia probe and subsequent yearslong Mueller investigation was a honest to goodness dead to rights cabal of entrenched bureaucrats and lifelong politicians and foreign and domestic intelligence agencies with help from corporate media to undermine the campaign and then the term of a sitting president, which sounds exactly like the text book definition of a conspiracy to commit treason. You’ve got a Dr. Faustus aka Fauci who is known to have illegally funded the very lab in China that everyone with any common sense knows is the origin of this Covid Cult that’s swept up the World. It’s also hiding in plain sight that his insane advocacy for the experimental, rushed to market vaccines while omitting any mention of the treatments HCQ and ivermectin and going so far as to poo poo them when there are reams of documentation that prove they are the truly covid killers, as well as conveniently forgetting immunology 101 about natural infection rendering the recovered immunity much more robust than any vaccine adds up to criminal negligence and dereliction of duty is all right there for anyone and everyone to see.

And the best we get is a floor show where congressmen berate and castigate those criminals with whom they run in the same DC circles; thick as thieves. So the public gets to see some glorified wrist slapping that’s always followed by bipartisan back slapping after the deposed and the prosecutors convivially congregate behind closed doors. And this is the best we can hope for because it is all we ever get.

RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES: Joint Chief of Staff Milley’s admission of his advice to keep 2,500 troops in Kabul exposes Joe Biden’s lie, then Milley turns around and blames SecState Blinken of something another congressman is blaming him for. SecDef Lloyd Austin points the finger at Blinken, too. More ranting and raving and pulling of hair ensues. There are calls for mass resignations of high ranking military brass. Partisans mention the words ‘treason.’ Shifty eyes all around as the proceedings begin to bubble and shit is wheel barrowed in before the giant fan that’s about to be turned on. Then, it’s cocktail hour and all that happens is a stern gaveling and the hearing is suspended. All that happens is they scuttle back to their holes and prepare themselves for another night of wining and dining together at one of those exclusive DC events that only exist for people in the know. Daytime combatants toast one another with Dom Perignon and eclat, congratulating themselves on another bang up show.

How many of these rodeos do you have to see before you realize the only one who’s being held accountable for their crimes and misdemeanors is you?

Equal justice before the law is through and has been for several generations as far as I can tell. What were once hanging offenses have been pleaded down to guttural pretenses mumbled and stumbled through by the organized crime lords and ladies running DC who are eagerly leading us all straight to hell.