Sacrificing New Mexico’s Future on the ‘ALTER’ of Covid-19

From New Mexico tyrant Michelle Lujan Grisham’s Nov 5th 2020 Press Conference:
Today update contains SHOCKING NEWS: 23 additional deaths:
We knew a day like this would come, but we still grieve. These are our neighbors, our family and friends.
We must acknowledge that unless we all double down [accept & comply w/ a loss of basic freedoms], this number will go up.
Stay home. Save lives.


The Department of Health on Thursday reported 23 additional deaths in New Mexico related to COVID-19

  • 60s from Bernalillo County. The individual was hospitalized, had underlying conditions.
  • 90s from Bernalillo County. The individual had underlying conditions.
  • 40s from Bernalillo County. The individual was hospitalized and had underlying conditions.
  • 50s from Bernalillo County. The individual was hospitalized and had underlying conditions.
  • 70s from Bernalillo County. The individual was hospitalized and had underlying conditions.
  • 70s from Bernalillo County. The individual was hospitalized and had underlying conditions.
  • 70s from Cibola County. The individual was hospitalized and had underlying conditions.
  • 70s from Cibola County. The individual had underlying conditions.
  • 60s from Curry County. The individual was hospitalized and had underlying conditions.
  • 40s from Doña Ana County. The individual was hospitalized and had underlying conditions.
  • 70s from Doña Ana County. The individual was hospitalized and had underlying conditions.
  • 80s from Doña Ana County. The individual was a resident of Adobe Assisted Living in Las Cruces.
  • 60s from Doña Ana County. The individual was hospitalized and had underlying conditions.
  • 70s from Doña Ana County. The individual was hospitalized and had underlying conditions.
  • 70s from Doña Ana County. The individual was hospitalized and had underlying conditions.
  • 80s from Doña Ana County. The individual was hospitalized and had underlying conditions.
  • 80s from Eddy County. The individual was hospitalized and had underlying conditions.
  • 90s from Eddy County. The individual had underlying conditions.
  • 60s from Luna County. The individual was hospitalized and had underlying conditions.
  • 80s from Santa Fe County. The individual was a resident of the Kingston facility of Santa Fe.
  • 100s from Santa Fe County. The individual had underlying conditions.
  • 90s from Santa Fe County. The individual was a resident of Mi Casa Bonita facility in Santa Fe.
  • 70s in Valencia County. The individual was hospitalized and had underlying conditions.

Note the average age is roughly 76 and all but three of them (a centenarian, and two men in their 80s and 90s respectively) had underlying conditions. Regardless of how our wretched propagandist-n-chief chooses to begin her alarmist press conference by using the word SHOCKING, not one of these deaths is shocking in the least. The difference between how the bold headline and its plain text subhead characterizes these deaths (“covid deaths” vs “covid-related deaths”) is subtle alteration that may go unnoticed but truly makes all the difference. Whereas the heading boldly declares these additional deaths were 100 percent caused by Covid, the subhead’s “related to Covid” caveat changes the meaning of the statement completely, bringing into question whether Covid was the primary cause or even a factor. If the ubiquitous and opaque phrase underlying condition were allowed to be enumerated in the list above would the positive Covid case even factor into the cause of death at all? Heart attack with Covid. Renal failure with Covid. Septic Shock with Covid. Kidney failure with Covid, the list goes on and on.

What ought to be shocking but is not (because journalism is now activism with a pen and a phone) is that no one from the mainstream press has recognized the obvious discrepancies between the actual data and what our dissembling villain of a Governor is doing to stoke fear on the framework of this dishonest narrative. Shedding crocodile tears and using the dearly departed elderly people on her list as base statistics to make a bogus and dishonest statement that none of these lives lost was “necessary” is all that is expected from such a vile, duplicitous harridan. Does anyone die of old age anymore since Covid? Do they die of heart attacks, aneurysms, strokes or natural causes anymore since Covid? Don’t socialize or go out and visit other people because, even if they don’t know it, there is the distinct possibility that they might be sick!

“We are losing the fight against this virus!” laments the B-movie actress Grisham, wiping the tears from her bloated cheeks. She wants you to believe Grandma is going to die because you held her hand and hugged her, maybe even because you told her you loved her standing closer than 6 feet away without wearing a mask.

Working hand in glove with the democrat party, the mainstream press has, over the years, proven themselves to truly be THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE

Meanwhile, children (none of the listed deaths are anywhere near school age!) are suffering through unnecessary prolonged periods of boredom and isolation caused by the cancellation of in person schooling and the sports and after-school activities that used to be a vital part of their routine. New Mexico led the nation in teen suicide in the years leading up to this 2020 nightmare. Governor Grisham knows 2020 will take this negative statistic higher, but still does her best to gaslight the public about this quote unqoute deadly virus that has indirectly played some role related to the death of those over 75, whose chances of dying of anything and everything are growing exponentially every passing year. Willfully sacrificing the New Mexico future, its youth and its small business economy over the hysteria that has been raised and is due to (not related to), but caused by this narrative-driven mental illness surrounding this disease that is so deadly most people don’t even know that they have it.

Drug and alcohol abuse is spiking and the requisite increase of child and spousal abuse that goes along with them as a matter of course. Entrepreneurs who’ve sacrificed, saved and worked hard to build business are being forced into bankruptcy and permanent closure. And we the People go about our business as before now well trained to ‘speak no evil’ by submitting to wear our muzzles, which the daft governor is now advocating we all wear in our homes!.

Desensitized to everything by a lifetime of cultivating apathy, Michelle Lujan Grisham is guilty of occupational malpractice on an industrial scale and not a goddamn one mainstream press journalist is calling her out on it! Working hand in glove, the government and the media are thick as thieves. Instead of being a check on power the media are an accessory to MLG’s blatant theft of her citizen’s freedom.

For example, here’s a brilliant article in US News and World Report regurgitating Lujan Grisham’s sensationalist statistics spouted with absolutely zero context:

Seventeen percent of those patients hospitalized for covid 19 [in NM] die

Wait. That sounds catastrophic and near black plague levels of morbidity, oh my God we are living through Armageddon! … But that stat is meaningless if you do not give it context now isn’t it?. No attempt at doing so, either by the state of New Mexico’s propagandist-in-chief or by the brain dead drone who wrote the article, should only give you more pause to know that MLG is playing you and journalism is and has been DOA for decades now. By engaging a fairly simple process of critical thinking, you will realize this 17 percent number needs to be combined with the percentage of covid cases that do not require hospitalization. Forget trying to makes sense of the CDC web site nightmare where everything is divided by race! So, quick internet search reveals the percentage of cases out of the pool of existing case that go on to be hospitalized is near 0 for ages 1 to 30; 8 percent for 30 to 50 and 12 for 50 to 75, after that, who cares? Giving the 1 to 30 range a conservative .001 you can average it with the 8 and the 12 but we’re getting in the weeds now aren’t we? Just trying to make sense of it shows you how it’s quite easy to lie with statistics, which MLG clearly is doing. Talk about moving the f’ing goalposts! Anyway. To simplify, hospitalization percentage across the range of 1 to 75 is somewhere around 10 percent. So, using MLG’s 17 percent morbidity rate for those hospitalized, 1.7 out of 100 people hospitalized in New Mexico are supposedly dying. But wait, it gets better! Ninety percent of all hospitalizations related to covid are folks with other serious ailments that have taken on the mind glazing phrase of ‘underlying conditions’ which means that most likely these patients actual death was primarily caused by the pre-existing condition and/or old age regardless of their having been diagnosed with the Virus. It’s become such a racket. Check that list of the 23 additional in New Mexico this deceiving governor is using to scare you, median age 75 and over 90 percent w/the ubiquitous “underlying condition” of which, the NMDOH quietly ascribes their deaths as “covid related” beneath the bolded false claim of a headline that is basically lying to you by leading you to believe that covid was the primary cause of these very elderly and already sick people’s deaths! Do you see how they’re playing you? That this one stat is the very definition of propaganda to get you thinking that something is going on that really isn’t. And isn’t what passes for journalism these days grand?

Also, along these same lines goes this quote from the same article attributed to our esteemed New Mexico Lt. Governor Howie Morales:

“More testing doesn’t lead to more cases.” What?

Wait. We’re playing more semantic games here. Granted, there are cases outstanding that if not tested for would still be cases. More testing will increase the amount of “recorded” cases which many people reading that quote automatically already assume the Lt. Governor is saying, though the way it’s worded gives him plausible deniability to claim otherwise if someone challenged him on it. Shakespeare was right about the lawyers. Of course I’m just assuming old Howie has that particularly virulent underlying condition (a law degree) because it seems 90 percent of politicians deserve to be hanged.

Again the generic journalist writing this story didn’t bother to follow up so that Lt. Gov could clarify this seemingly errant statement. Which is at once true and untrue depending on how it’s read. Doublespeak much? Doublethink and wrongthink are signs of the times. But forget it. Trying to sift through the rubber stamp propaganda that is the journalism of these latter days is exhausting. Better just to realize journalism is dead; New Mexico is ruled by deceiving technocrats who treat citizens as slaves and a health crisis that is long past its date of expiration to the point of everlasting political propaganda.

“Please understand: We do not impose certain rules and restrictions on you without a great deal of thought about their therapeutic value. A good many of you are in here because you could not adjust to the rules of society in the Outside World, because you refused to face up to them, because you tried to circumvent them and avoid them. … I tell you this hoping you will understand that it is entirely for your own good that we enforce discipline and order.”

Specifically the execrable Nurse Ratched-in-Governor’s clothing Michelle Lujan Grisham, who is using Covid 19 as a cudgel to bully New Mexicans into accepting her mandates as if they were prisoners of the State instead of free citizens. By promulgating a narrative of doom should anyone in New Mexico even dare to ignore her authoritarian diktats and have the audacity to still think and act free, her tool of psychological warfare is the ‘invisible enemy’ that is, in her words, responsible for shocking news that, you may recall, is not in the least shocking. No, not at all.

Please pardon this tangent as I reiterate one of my favorite theses which I think is important to grasp the extent of my Cuckoo’s Nest argument: Covid 19 is being used as the superduper replacement for the Global Warming / Climate Change end-of-world disaster narrative that had been only marginally effective in steering society toward the one-world government the globalist elites were ultimately wanting to transform it into. Trading AGW’s atmospheric CO2 bugaboo with the clear and present threat of the contagion-infested CO2 breathed out by the other carbon based life forms in anyone and everyone’s vicinity has proven a much more effective method of control, harnessing fear of others and fear of death to keep the population divided on a micro-personal level. Vis: Every person you come in contact with is most likely an existential threat.

The evolving change of CO2’s understood definition from one of the essential components of life on earth to a poisonous gas ushering in the end of the world is indicative of the Luciferian inversion that is spoken of in the oft quoted passage in Isaiah: Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness. It is also a way to turn the common man into the mindless slave, fit only to be mocked by the global elites who are pulling their strings; a self-fulfilling proof that the Great Reset they are ramming down the people’s throats is perfectly justifiable.

Do you realize how much power you are ceding someone by allowing her to regulate your freedom based upon the assumption that 100 percent of the population is infected? Because of the brilliant The disease is here. It is endemic, meaning that it has officially arrived on the scene and will be another seasonal virus along with cold and flu. By hammering the “asymptomatic spreader” narrative for covid is she suggesting that we will perpetually now be isolated and wearing masks forever? On the other hand, glass half full style, if we all have it, what is there to fear?

he New Mexico governor is hiding her tyrannical inclinations behind a facade of caring. Her lamenting of the lost New Mexicans who have recently died of covid was really bad acting worthy of a second rate soap opera star. Emphasizing the word “unnecessary” as if the normal human interactions of a person’s day who happened to contract an endemic virus must now be relegated to mask wearing, house arrest and social dislocation all done to “stop the spread”? Like Nurse Ratched the New Mexico governor a monster in bureaucrat clothing who doesn’t have your best interest at heart, rather she would just as well rip it out as a sacrifice to her god Satan.

The psycho bitch from hell has shrouded her thirst for power and the thrill that bending us over week after week to be flogged by her forked tongue in the guise of a ‘terrible disease’ that’s gone endemic like the cold or flu but is something that we must fight and destroy like an invading army. The Virus is the perfect stand in for the “endless war” that was spoken of to distract the population in Huxley’s prophetic novel Brave New World and which had its real world antecedents in the detestible George Bush’s “War on Terror” and the globalist shibboleth of Global Warming/Climate Change/Climate Crisis. Wear a full haz/mat containment suit supplemented with a gas mask if you’re serious about putting up a viable barrier between the covid and you, otherwise you’re just huffing your own gas.