Standing at a busy intersection the other night holding a sign simply stating: “STOP BEING CONTROLLED” a man driving by in his car with the windows down screamed repeatedly at me that I was a terrorist.

Initially dumbfounded, I can’t say that I was shocked because the Biden administration has been banging that drum since it was installed last November. That the fruits of that propaganda have trickled down to the sensibilities of the general population is, in the context of history, quite sobering. Historical precedence for national governments labeling certain segments of its citizenry as enemies of the state (in the Biden administration’s phraseology, domestic terrorists) is nothing new.

There was a chancellor of Germany facing a worldwide economic depression (a disaster the US could soon be facing once again) who needed a scapegoat to avert the collapse of his political empire. With a stroke of political genius, he hit upon a strategy to dehumanize a sub-population of German citizens whose societal status was already on shaky ground, in other words he branded them domestic terrorists. Starting with the seemingly innocuous swimming pool segregation act of 1933 the incremental subjugation of the Jews throughout the decade slowly but surely paved the way for the one-way trips on cattle cars to concentration camps with names like Auschwitz and Treblinka, the answers to the endgame of the Holocaust genocide.

A decade earlier, there was another cultural revolution that needed a state-created class of domestic terrorist to concentrate the public’s hate on. Pitting peasant against peasant, the government concentrated a smear campaign against the Kulaks, the farmers who supplied the nation with grain. Little more than glorified slaves, the propaganda was slanted to capitalize upon the all-too-human trait of base envy as the Kulaks owned land while other peasants did not. The displacement and slaughter of the Kulaks by their fellows did not stop with the Kulaks but spread out over the entire population leading to 50 years of a gulag prison system that starved and froze to death tens of millions and just as many were summarily executed at the bloody hands of the Soviet State.

The communist takeover of China was largely accomplished through the radicalization of college-aged cadres dubbed Red Guards who terrorized the older population for the crime of adherence to traditional Chinese culture. According to the communists, 4000 years of Chinese tradition needed to be torn down and wiped out before a glorious Utopia could be ushered in on their strong shoulders. Like the Russians before them, the Chi-coms turned the majority of their population against those old norms and traditions by branding anyone who held to them as backward and enemies of the people (aka domestic terrorists). The way forward was accompanied by an estimated 50 million citizens killed, either by famine-induced starvation or humiliation, torture and summary execution.

As you can see, the current US administration did not grab their strategy of divide and conquer out of thin air. Old Joe is following in the footsteps of the tyrants who went before him. The only question now is, should the government advance to the final solution stage of its propaganda campaign (seeing as how the Demonization and Isolation stages have already been successfully completed: tolerated and even applauded by the majority of the American people) will the vaccinated segment of the American population continue to stand by while their unvaccinated fellows are arrested and herded into camps as the dehumanized targets of those other successful genocides had been before them?

We stand at a time in history when it’s possible to hear the distant echoes of the sound of good men doing nothing, unquestioningly following the mandates of their respective leaders Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao.

Can you hear it, too?