Who Are You?

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SEE ME. FEEL ME. TOUCH ME. HEAL ME. who are you is who we are, and the last two years has found the will of the American people lacking…

Two weeks to slow the spread turned into two years to fundamentally change society and usher in the new normal of authoritarian lockdowns and, perhaps, the permanent loss of spatial and bodily autonomy. The covid super cold has been used as The Crisis (climate change wasn’t working fast enough) to accelerate America’s transition from the world’s stronghold of democracy to becoming a satellite state of China. If you think otherwise, you’re an Ostrich plunging its head into the sand at the approach of a leopard or 3 monkeys covering the 3 different sense organ on their respective heads, or the Who’s deaf, dumb and blind kid, “Tommy.”

Roger Daltrey could see for miles and miles but the average Joe and Jane can’t see the communist dictatorship that’s being constructed right in front of their face. For what else is a vaccine passport but another well documented “may I see your papers” moment? It’s just another version of China’s draconian lever of State control, a social credit system dividing society into good citizens and pariahs, the haves and have nots. But to recognize this, the People have to use their eyes to see, which means opening their eyes to the lies right in front of them.

Shout out to Lords Of The New Church! (I couldn’t find the Who’s equivalent song that so exactly predicted the broken down society we live in today…so think of TLOTNC as the intemission!)

Too many people have complied with every new moved goal post because they believe obedience will, eventually, lead to leniency and a return to normal life. By so doing they’ve been blind to the fact that compliance has only led to more loss of freedom every step of the way. These “go along to get along” people’s first mistake was thinking they were dealing with reasonable people in Washington DC instead of the equivalent of Tommy’s sadistic pedophile uncle, Uncle Ernie.

Welcome to the New Church of Covid. Leave your dignity and critical thinking with the psychopaths at the door. Fiddle about with standing up for your own freedom and prepare to get fiddled. Which, in other words means, get fucked.