The Federal Government and its MSM allies’ cry of “white supremacy” could eventually lead to their being devoured by a wolf of their own making

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Prophesy is giving these assholes too much credit, so call it a Self Fulfilling Fallacy instead. Or, Be careful what you bitch for.

Nigh on 33 years ago Nicolae Ceausescu, communist dictator of Romania, fell at the hands of his own people. There is something to be said about a crowd of millions jamming up a capital city insisting the tyrants hijacking their government cannot stay. The forced transition was not totally without cost as troops still loyal to the bloody communist Ceausescu reportedly shot crowds of protestors during the weekslong period of civil unrest, with about 1100 killed and many thousands injured, according to an archived article in the Guardian.

I mention the Romanian dictator, the last communist brought down by a counter revolution, for no particular reason.

None at all.

Imagine 5 million citizens truly peacefully descending on Washington DC for a Ghandi-style sit in who make it clear they will occupy their territory until the politicians and their bureaucratic Wormtongue’s resign en masse. Just imagine. Knowing there will be blood puts phrases like “Freedom isn’t Free” and “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death” into their proper perspective, unlike the politicians who trot out these expressions as bromides every Fourth of July, having no concept of the strife and suffering that went into America’s original founding.

DC’s transformation into Fort Deep State on the Yangtze is nearly complete. Guarded by its woke mercenary military and surrounded by 10-foot chain link fence topped with razor wire, America’s seat of government looks more like an embattled outpost deep in enemy territory than the nation’s capital.

These optics are bad enough, but when you realize it’s you, ie We the People, who they are trying to keep out of there outpost you understand that at this moment in history the federal government sees US (us and U.S.) as the enemy and it’s a wonder that most of us still don’t or can’t (or won’t) see it.

We don’t even have to mention the stolen election.

All we have to do is ask Joe Biden; ask Senator Adam Schiff; ask Attorney General Merrick Garland; ask FBI Director Christopher Wray; ask Professor Noam Chomsky. Ask news networks MSNBC or CNN. Ask them all what the number one threat facing America right now is and (since they synchronize their watches at the Sunday night cocktail party) you’ll get one answer. The current wool the politicians, intelligence chiefs, academicians and mainstream press have conspired too pull over the public’s eyes is that White Supremacy is the number one inside threat to American democracy at this moment.

Never mind that all these people quack like Stalinist ducks with one voice chanting, Build Back Better Comrade! The term “White Supremacy” itself has nothing to do with skin color but is code for anyone who disagrees with their hell bent for leather communist agenda (See Michelle Malkin, Candace Owens, Ben Carson, Larry Elder, Dave Chappelle and the late great Herman Caine) for confirmation of this fact. Decoded, the term ‘white supremacy” simply means you, the folk, etcetera etcetera…We the People who see America tilting toward a becoming this hemisphere’s version of Red China.

Recently the single most compelling example of DC blatant hate for those who put them in office, effectively making them kings and queens, has been their lockstep vilification of parents speaking out with righteous anger about Critical Race Theory indoctrination in the schools. CRT, a modified version of Marxist Critical Theory, substitutes race (whitey versus everyone else) for critical theory’s Class Warfare modus operandi of divide and conquer.

Rather than taking account of the parent’s protest’s, AG Merrick Garland doubled down on his fascist inclinations by commanding the FBI should consider these outspoken parents as domestic terrorists and prosecute accordingly.

Again, ever since the impromptu Capitol tour takers of January 6th were branded “insurrectionists” (so violent that they stayed in between the velvet ropes!), the drum beat of white supremacy has been drilled into our brains ad nauseum. The number one threat to their America as they cower behind their chain link topped with razor wire. Not Antifa or BLM, who spent the summer of 2020 burning down the centers of several blue cities, but parents voicing their rage over the Marxist indoctrination of their children in the government-funded public schools.

Not to mention they’re fixing to fire you from your job (right around Thanksgiving! ) if you don’t take the experimental gene therapy they’re calling a vaccine.

How many times can you take it up the you-know-what and just keep on saying “Thank you, sir, may I have another?”

When are the People going to finally have enough? Maybe now that they’re coming for the children? We’ll see. the optics could now be more clear The oft repeated drain the swamp slogan was indicative of what everyone already knew: our nation’s capital had become a cauldron of unfettered corruption. Donald Trump called more attention to it than the normal national politician who’d come up through the ranks would ever dare. And that is why he had to be, politically speaking, destroyed. Firstly, the DC cabal and their masters in the mainstream media began the smear campaign even before he took the oath of office by discrediting and destroying the incoming Nat’l Security Advisor General Michael Flynn, tarring Flynn with a dishonest allegation of Russian collusion because of his phone call to his Russian counterpart. This “act of treason” so-called by the press and its co-conspirators, was a call all such new NatSecs would and have made as the incoming administrations transitions in to its position of power. In other words, something normal was inflated into a crisis.

Just as a side note, does this strategy sound familiar? Let’s see…elevating something relatively innocuous into a crisis in order to justify doing evil on an industrial scale…like, maybe, locking down entire countries, mandating muzzles and antisocial distancing necessitating the greatest transfer of wealth in history by bankrupting small business?

No? Nothing to see here, move along? Bless your heart if you can’t/won’t see it…along with your speak-no-evil masks you’ve made yourself into another monkey willfully covering it’s eyes to see-no-evil. Next stop a pair of noise canceling head phones and a pod for you to lie down in and live your entire life in some matrix-like simulation of your own making.

The defamation of Michael Flynn was the opening salvo on a real American hero who served his country forthrightly and honorably for decades and for all the right reasons. Trump’s mistake was believing all the wormtongues whispering in his ear to terminate the general, thus helping along the nest phase of the Russian Hoax that would concentrate its vitriol on him. The relentless 4-year smear campaign had begun. Running with the bogus Russian conspiracy campaign that some news networks still hold up as valid to this very day (which foisted upon the nation by the real conspiracy of media moguls[every cotton pickin last one of the cable, network and print outlets known as the mainstream press), FBI brass [Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page], National Intel brass [Brennan the orc and that gnome Clapper] political rivals [Hillary Rotten Clinton, Nancy Pelosi] and foreign operatives [Christopher Steele, author of the glorious fan fiction serial novellete The Dossier]) was parroted daily by the press so that eventual in your face fraud used to oust Trump in 2020 wouldn’t have been met with rioting in the streets since a large enough amount of people would shrug off the obvious cheating as a necessary evil to rid the White House of Dorito Hitler.

Think about it.

Those who make their life’s goal a career in politics, must logically be seeking to control things, which no small amount of these “things” amounts to are people, people they see as “units” on a dot matrix demograph machine. For what does a politician do but think up, propose and pass laws that regulate how people are to interact with one another, personally and professionally. When you reach DC you have become the equivalent of what the mafioso calls a “made man” who has risen above any semblance of normal accountability. You don’t shit in your own nest because you, a mafia is exactly what they are, want to continue to be able to get high on the unlimited supply of tax dollars of which you and your cronies on the Hill are the beneficiaries. So it is very, very, very ironic (not to mention sofa king disappointing) that it was Donald Trump who fast tracked and pushed for the single most divisive issue this country has seen in the modern era, the covid vaccines, and its inevitable national mandate. An alternate source journalist has picked up on the phenomenon and has taken to him “Grandpa Moderna” and rightly so. Shout out to An0maly! Knowing the national pall these vaccines and their mandates have cast over the nation hasn’t stopped Trump’s tin eared continuation of the bombastic claim to have personally saved millions of lives by fast tracking the vaccine. The only thing I’d like to say about Trump now is that it is imperative one never falls for the cult of personality when it comes to popular politicians so that you cannot make a reasonable assessment of their inevitable bad decisions and call them out when and as they continue to fail. Otherwise we are no better than a pack of rabid fan boys who bow and scrape before the celebrities they revere and worship as if they were infallible as gods.

How farther can America’s back be smashed against the wall so hard that we’ve broken through into the crawl space with the insulation? Are we really going to willingly sacrifice our children on the altar of covid by forcing a vaccine that is demonstrably more dangerous to them than the disease? It’s well past the time for America to have its Nicolae Ceausescu as it straddles the abyss between willful ignorance and blind acceptance of the communist disease that is a metastasizing stage 4 cancer that has taken over DC which, in turn, has cast a deathly pall across our land.