A picture says a thousand words…

With the added psychological effect of being analogous to “speak no evil,” mass masking is key to keeping the fear of covid alive (not to mention fear of each other) and to keep it in the front of everyone’s mind. Mass masking was/is an integral part of the ongoing campaign of divide and conquer, a visual cue that perpetuates a negative feedback loop reinforcing the idea that bare faces kill and no matter outward appearance, everyone is a locus of disease.

Imagine if all the masks one day just disappeared (Like Florida or Texas or Sweden). Being back among noses and mouths, and often smiling faces, it wouldn’t be too long before normalcy made a triumphant return to the public square.

Faucism by Mask is like Munchausen by Proxy in that they both are affected by deranged authority figures insisting phantom disease upon those in their care. Munchhausen by Proxy is an individual disorder whereas Faucism by Mask has abused the hearts and minds of at least a hundred million people in this nation. Instead of heeding statistics compiled over the duration of the two year long “15 days to stop the spread” that shows this lab-created ‘killer’ is on par with flu, they’ve made the mask their square of magic cloth and/or paper that wards off what, to them, is most certainly a debilitating disease. There is no question masks don’t work to stop the spread if you look at the statistical variance of maskless Florida’s low case totals and mandatory-masked California’s infection explosion. Therefore, you can only conclude that the governments and the Profit Fauci’s insistence on masking society is due to some ulterior motive disconnected from concern for your health. Just like Munchhausen by Proxy, which, let me reiterate, is a mental disorder that causes someone to purposefully ascribe a phantom disease to someone, usually a child, in their care., Faucism by Mask is the same but on a societal scale.

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The “Long March through the Institutions” is a phrase coined by Italian communist Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) to describe how a society could be subverted w/out recourse to arms. By co-opting society’s chief institutions—schools, universities, courts, corporations, media and political parties—dedicated leftists could effect revolutionary change.

It’s my contention that the disability that can be plugged into the definition of Munchausen by Proxy’s new offshoot Faucism by Mask is society’s general lack of CRITICAL THINKING brought about by the willful failure of public education and the propaganda blitz from a Godless globalist media. The Long March through the Institutions has been repeatedly referenced in this blog. The Cliffs notes version of this long game infiltration method is, if you are endowed with generational patience, you can conquer a nation without firing a shot. As Antonio Gramsci said, a condition for the seamless transformation of the consciousness of society was the ideological take over of a country’s institutions, its educational apparatus being one of the cornerstones to guarantee the revolution’s success. Judging by the leftist cults currently prevalent on the nation’s campuses, Gramsci’s ideological conquest is a fait accompli.

The Covid Scam is being used to not only enslave your mind, but also to distract you from the countless crimes the unaccountable political classes are perpetrating in plain sight. Equal Protection Under the Law is a joke and one of the things that makes existence so surreal. Compliant sheep, we dutifully huff our own carbon dioxide as the unmasked recipients of two-tiered justice spit in our faces and call it rain.

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…enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC…