Sorry Dummies, Zombies Want Brains That Taste Good, Not Brains With Good Taste

As if more proof were needed that we’re all an the Matrix solely to supply the mainframe with enough body heat to keep the great and secret machine in BTU’s for perpetuity, Joe Biden’s magical vaccination tour continued yesterday…despite the fact the moronic variant has demonstrably rendered the vaccine he’s still pushing magnificently obsoletely DOA.

Do the puppeteers pulling his strings to make him talk realize they are beating a dead narrative, or is it on purpose, a prospect which to me anyway seems more plausible than thinking these masters of the universe are that stupid. They know a high enough percentage of the population have been turned into zombies after two years of the mindfucking they’ve been administering to each of us and everyone that the glaring discrepancies between reality and the reality they want everyone to become goes unnoticed despite the facts writ large flashing right in their glazed-over faces.

Perfect example of this, a recent WaPo video that admits the omnipresent omicron has demolished the efficacy of the vaccines, then concludes the solution is to get vaccinated…

Yo Sarian! Joseph Heller wants his Catch-22 back!

And who is too blame for the creation of the current zombie holocaust we’re all living through together? If you think the undead press… well you wouldn’t be wrong. see the WaPo vid above. The amount of cognitive dissonance one must have built up over the last two years to think that any of this makes sense has a Bridge in Brooklyn it would like to sell you. Is there anyone in the dead stream media who can put two and two together anymore when the equation for solving the problem before them is simple as one plus one?

Omicron is not the existential crisis. But Moronic is. A society sustained by lies strewn across a barren landscape riven by occasional fissures of truth that yawn like reflecting pools of shining sunlight before the hollow men who themselves believe the wasteland they occupy is a paradise simply because their ether-clad Emperors tell them so cannot be anything but lost.

Even when segments of the MSM are running excerpts admitting Moronic has stripped the vaccines of their efficacy as well as the damned CEO of Pfizer they continue to make Parrot Joe push the vaccine?! Calling Queensryche… “For the love of God take your Operation Mind Crime back!”

In a sane, grown up world our world leaders would acknowledge their mistakes in relation to their catastrophically misguided reaction to covid and at the very least drop the pretense and drop the useless mandates that are themselves more about mind control than public health. The recent stat that deaths in the 0 to 49 age group are up 40 percent since the corona gulag state was blanket implemented (almost universally) worldwide should jar the sensibilities of some inquisitive mathematicians to the solution coronatrainism has been both moronic and deadly and more unsuccessful than a zero sum game.