Ted Rorschalkjust now

An urgent e-mail appeared in my box this AM letting me know that due to a federal ruling earlier in the week Joe Biden’s federal mandate to get every last federal employee vaccinated for a disease that has already mutated beyond the so-called vaccines ability to vaccinate has been put on hold, or PAUSED as they put it.

How mad are you now if you didn’t want to get the shot but did it anyhow because you wanted to keep your job; since you’ve theoretically outsourced your immune system to a man-made RNA that quite possibly could screw up your body’s ability to protect itself in the future? If you doubt that the covid gene therapy they’ve tricked you into taking has irreversibly altered your body chemistry, go try and donate blood.

I’m not saying you don’t have grounds to be royally pissed off right now. I just want you to direct your anger in the proper direction. People who remain unvaxxed and pure blooded had the audacity to take a moral stand regardless of the consequences. They’ve already stood up to The Man and, it appears at this time, backed him down because they had the power of their convictions and didn’t knuckle under to the Big Guy’s coercion. Don’t get mad at them. You owe them a debt of gratitude in fact or you’d be required to take a 3-month booster in perpetuity.

Be mad at the POS’s who forced you to do something you really didn’t want to do. Enough said.