One can smear in the glow of Rob Halford screaming “You got another thing comin’ oh yeah!” circa 1982 as the personification of Kafka’s real-life bureaucratic everyman’s head explodes and simultaneously loses his trousers.

Though it may be hubristic to say so, sweet vindication does not feel like ashes in my mouth since I am still a proud member of the Great Unvaxxed. Just as its predecessor, the Great Unwashed, was a derogatory term for the uncouth and ill-mannered denizens of any and all countries’ working class, so too will be the prevailing attitude of those wannabe elitists whose heads have been exploding with regularity during these sad, strange days of covid over any and all infractions, real or imagined, and will be multiplying to the excess of a thousand packs of black cats lighted with their fuses still entwined once they realize they’ve all been caught with their pants down.

All I want to say is na na na na boo boo. I’m rubber and you’re glue…da da da da, da dee doo doo and however the hell else it goes.