We gotchyer “unacceptable views” right here!

Greetings from the ongoing twilight zone episode our lives have become. Or did we all somehow get trapped inside the pages of Rules For Radicals by the omnipresent Saul Alinsky?

Fun fact: Omicron is an anagram for Moronic.

And what’s more moronic than a Prime Minister who ignores his own people come to petition him with their grievances (literally parked on his front lawn) who continues to shill for his Big Pharma masters from a location undisclosed because this triple vaxxed cretin is self-isolating because he’s now infected with the disease he’s triple vaxxed against?

Let’s unpack this question one omicronic irony at a time…

  1. The vaccines he’s still pushing on every man, woman and child in Canada are at this juncture worthless. The number of variants that have come and gone since the vaccine came out a year ago have rendered it effective as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. The fact he’s still touting this approach as “following the science” should be called out immediately by any fact checker who still has a brain in their head, which, I suppose is what you might call an extended oxymoron and thus self refuting.
  2. Even though he’s got covid he’s still selling a vaccine which did not prevent him from getting covid!
  3. Still standing by his assertion the protestors are a “fringe minority with unacceptable views” is so obviously the Alinsky tactic of “blaming others for that of which you are guilty” he most certainly could pull Hillary Clinton, fullY formed, out of his ass.

For anyone paying attention, their playbook is so played it’s really just a matter of intention. That their Alinskyite tactics are being used against them is such a delicious irony it’s the epitome of just desserts and no wonder that after two years of psychic desolation its giving those who still believe in a free world HOPE.