Ottawa protestors experience some of Justin Trudeau’s smiley face fascism…with sprinkles

Now I understand what’s actually going on behind the scenes, The Truman Show slash Twilight Zone of our lives is real, and always has been. Nothing is as it seems in this illusion show of sliding panels. I understand now what Buddhists mean when they say if you meet Buddha on the road kill him because when you treat something as sacred it inevitably leads to insanity. Everyone must look into their heart and realize society has fallen into full blown psychopathy.

The simulation may not have started in 1967 when John Lennon wrote Strawberry Fields Forever. But he did encapsulate the nature of all our lived reality quite succinctly. Living is (indeed) easy with eyes closed. We are guilty of it as a people and the end result is insanity. Misunderstanding all you see is a tricky one up for interpretation. Living with eyes closed means that you don’t actually see anything and are basically relying on what you’re being told, perhaps? In other words, the misunderstanding is not of our own understanding but of some outside sources volition or input or what have you, Plato’s Cave come to mind. Knowing that your perception is the result of someone else’s volition is the definition of being a slave. It’s getting hard to be someone but it all works out. It doesn’t matter much to me. Ah hah moment. Being someone would denote a unique individual with their own thoughts and ability to sift through the data they are constantly being bombarded with with a modicum of discernment based on reason, logic and honest calculation.

Was John Lennon talking to us from the future having already come to the full realization of what it’s all about, Alfie? Maybe. Today’s lawless reality in the guise of constitutional republic (that’s the veneer of the hydra government here in the States) is emblematic of the song’s refrain wherein the whimsical mention of Strawberry Fields conjures up an image of plains of poppies and tulips and, of course, the barbed berries of the title, an endless field of vibrant color and beauty wherein dwells the everlasting brutality of nature, praying/preying mantis eating aphids alive as if they are popcorn comes to mind, not beneath the surface but unseen unless the observer observes the scene close up with eyes wide open instead of eyes wide shut. Which is a reality that has always been part and parcel of living even though we all have been trained since youth to only see the flowers. And since we only see the flowers there is naturally nothing to get hung about.

No one in power so horribly abusive as to put down the righteous protest such as was done with the heroic Canadian truckers and all their supporters this weekend in Ottawa is held accountable because even in the midst of their violence and jackbooted thuggery they are assuring us that they are sowing flowers, still putting them like children into the barrel of a gun. You can and must trust us. They hypnotize with words, nullifying the actual reality that we see, which I guess is a pretty good definition of Kubrick’s pithy encapsulation of how we live today with “eyes wide shut” mentioned above. What our leaders/rulers/tyrants have been getting away with for so long would, in a non-clown world, be grounds for death by hanging.

Another quote from the artistic side of things comes to mind when evaluating the current state of affairs which is, apparently Same as it Ever Was, although same as it ever was is also from a song by the Talking Heads. The more I see the less I know because it sure seems more and more like a simulation to me. But that is beside the point, the quote I was actually thinking about was from Rules For Radical by the prescient and determined statist satanist or more precisely Luciferian, Saul Alinsky, (which I can assume because he dedicated the book to “the first rebel” or the “original rebel” Lucifer) something about how to gain power by finding something, some entity or event, freezing it, making it singularly important in People’s mind per by stretching the actuality of its magnitude so far out of proportion that the result is it leave them, the People, putty in the dictator’s hands.

The two main examples of this very technique during my lifetime have been Global Warming/Climate Change/Climate Emergency/Climate Crisis and whatever the else they’ve thrown onto the wall to see if it sticks of course and to a degree of magnitude unprecedented even to the aforementioned, drum roll please…Covid.

People need to pay more attention and then make some inferences about the true intentions of those in charge. I recall predictions of the planet being so hot that by the year 2012 every living creature on sky, land and sea would be toast,…literally. Doomsday predictions galore came and went and yet the lies kept going full steam ahead right up all in everyone’s face. They knew by creating the buzz phrase “Follow the Science” they could squash any actual science (aka close observation, hypothesis and rigorous experimentation to prove or disprove the hypothesis). Who you going to believe? Me? Or your lying eyes. Again, John Lennon Kubrick mashup Living is Easy with Eyes Wide Shut. When I think about this type of compliance I always default to a brilliant Kids in the Hall sketch I saw a long time ago where a man robs another man’s house by lightly patting him like one play acting some kind of parody of I don’t even know what, just giving up all his wealth and moaning and whining about while the robber only needs to lightly lay hands on him in order to get him to hand overhis money and, by extension, his identity as a free man. My quick interpretation was that we have become so docile that not even the threat of violence will cajole us into giving up freedom but the mockery of violence the perversion of it is what today makes us comply.

And meanwhile in Canada jack booted brown shirts masquerading as police cracked down on the peaceful but mostly peaceful protest in Ottawa this weekend showing the people who — after being patted with kid gloves and whined into a corner for two years of medical tyranny — finally stood up and simply said, ENOUGH! Stop the Mandates that hinder us from doing our jobs. In other words, “Butt Out!”. This man is saying exactly this right here.

When the leader of a country can repeat the lies of insurrection and nazi occupation in direct opposition to the facts on the ground that have been documented by a small army of live streamers in Ottawa and elsewhere in Canada and do it in code sounding like the wise law giver of justice whilst getting police to crack skulls make false arrests as well as demanding banks to freeze their accounts, doing his best to terrorize dissenting citizens and trying to ruin their lives for the crime of saying NO MORE MANDATES then you know we live concurrently in two worlds…the real world and Clown World. The Canadian truckers risked it all to stand up for freedom and are paying a heavy toll. Will you?