A Thought Experiment to Break the Matrix

Putting 2 and 2 together in world that needs you to believe 2+2 is 5

Communist dictator Joseph Stalin killed between 20 million and 60 million of his own citizens. National Socialist dictator Adolf Hitler killed between 11 million and 20 million of his own citizens. America allied with Russia to win WWII against Germany. Based upon these numbers, did our country combine with the lesser or the greater of two evils to win?


I’ll let you do the math and let it sink in.

Interestingly, scouring the Web to find the info for this essay I found that it is impossible to find raw genocide numbers for the USSR or Germany without the inclusion of either of the incontrovertibly monstrous dictators mentioned above … on Google or any other search engine.

Believe me, I tried.

I wanted to come at the problem from a different, untainted by the blinding cult of personality that still surrounds Adolf Hitler, a name that has transcended the height of evil that a human being could ever possibly aspire to—a “fact” that has been pounded into our brains throughout our lifetimes in pop culture, as well as public education. Thus did the popular and meme worthy pejorative come into vogue during the Trump presidency scream by the hysterical wokesters to invoke Trump’s “irredeemable nature” Literally Hitler! when Literally Stalin or Literally Mao, based upon the raw numbers, would have been two much stronger impositions.

In actuality, the combined death toll of communism in the 20th century dwarf’s Hitler’s by an order of magnitude of nearly 10 to 1 if you include Mao Zedong and Pol Pot’s astronomical death counts. This is a fact without quotation marks like the “fact” in the paragraph above. Numbers do not lie. You can look them up individually…even on Google.

The Holocaust may have been authored by Hitler but he was not the only culprit. His diabolical Final Solution needed the consent of the people around him to be able to even conceive of let alone put into motion, an idea explained quite well in a section of the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center’s Web page titled HOLOCAUST MISCONCEPTIONS:

The Role of Hitler – Precision of Language 

Such phrases as “Hitler’s War,” “Hitler’s Holocaust,” “Hitler’s army,” “Hitler did this or decided this…” are easy statements to make. While we do not want to ignore or negate the crucial role that Hitler played, overemphasizing his role leads to “The ‘One Man’ or “Evil Man’ Theory,” namely that the Holocaust was the result of a single individual (Hitler’s) will, plan, ideas and drive. We then unintentionally ignore the many collaborators and bystanders, and as a result might have our visitors conclude that the Holocaust was “an aberration, something that was the result of ‘one sick individual,” a view counterproductive to developing an accurate understanding of the Holocaust. 

The point of writing this essay is to point out we’ve been asking the wrong question, or in the case of our public education system’s Holocaust heavy iterations, been given the wrong conclusions all along.