Though not as astounding of a coincidence as the convergence of a presidential frog and the 1986 song Shadilay by Pepe, Gil Scott-Heron’s 1970 spoken-word anthem The Revolution Will Not Be Televised has become memeworthy in its own right for the unintended prophecy of the title song’s Alpha and Omega.

Not only does it spell doom for the future of television broadcast news, its double dictum was exemplified in the recent Ottawa Freedom Convoy’s dualing coverage by the citizen journalist’s real-time documentary footage and the MSM’s pre-packaged lie.

Predicating its coverage on a Nazi flag that was unfurled the first day of the 3 week protest just long enough for it to be photographed, never seen again, the mainstream press of Canada carried Justin Trudeau’s water for him the first week as he had run away from Ottawa ostensibly because he’d contracted the dread virus against which he’d been fully vaxxed (which is a whole ‘nother story!). All weeklong the state-run and subsidized broadcast press (CBC, Global and CTV) focused around that one moment when the evil Swastika was unfurled, smearing and delegitimizing the movement by referring to the entire protest as racist Nazis. After days of his media collaborationist’s pounding the Nazi angle into their constituent consumer’s brains due to one too obvious and literal false flag, Trudeau piled on right on cue, adding more false fuel to the propaganda fire…

Today in the House, Members of Parliament unanimously condemned the antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-Black racism, homophobia, and transphobia that we’ve seen on display in Ottawa over the past number of days. Together, let’s keep working to make Canada more inclusive.

4:47 PM · Feb 1, 2022·Twitter for iPhone

…blissfully unaware that all his Nazi talk was opening millions of eyes to the fact that he who smelt it dealt it.

The simple truth was that the convoy had occupied the streets around Canada’s parliament building to protest the federal vaccine mandates that threatened truckers’ livelihoods as well as having already caused thousands of Canadian citizens to be fired because they refused to be coerced into taking the sacramental jab. Contrary to the official narrative crime in Ottawa went down 90 percent during the 3 week protest; the truckers and their unashamedly bare faced cohorts fed the homeless, fostering a spirit of Canadian togetherness that had not been felt or seen since the dismal morass of government-imposed covid lockdowns had begun two years before. Men in Coveralls and orange reflective vests and snow shovels kept the sidewalks clear when they weren’t taking out the trash and keeping the streets clean. All the organizers of the protest demanded was their prime minister and their MPs parlay, at least come to the table.

During the 3 weeks of the protest neither Trudeau nor any of the elected parliamentarians ever did. The only thing their federal masters gave them was ignorance (as in the ignoring kind), indolence and pain.

Fascist Trudeau sends in the militarized police with their fasces: the Latin word for whoopin’ stick

Then Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergency Act as a pretext to tow the trucks out of Ottawa and bring in the goons to violently disperse the crowds gathered to protest the mandates. According to the government-media complex’s narrative, the Nazis were run out of town and their violent sympathizers proverbially punched in the face and sent packing, all tied up in a nice bow compliments of Trudeau and his steadfast lap dog CBC.

And that would have been the end of it. The Canadian public would sigh and cope harder with rashers of back bacon and gallons of LaBatts Blue to dull the pain of the diktats from Ottawa that, no matter the halting dulcet tones of their Dear Leader and the gaslighting of the CBC, just didn’t seem right.

ZOT interviews Peace Guy Dana Lee-Melfi (pictured above) emblematic icon of the People’s Convoy 2022 who stood for hours on end each day in subzero weather with one hand holding the Canadian flag and the other rendering the universal sign of peace.

Enter the livestreamers: Armed with iPhones, Androids and diverse arrays of gimbals, an army of opportunistic people filled the vacuum left by the derelict mainstream press. Braving the frigid Canadian winter to livestream the revolution, these intrepid citizen journalists upstaged and out performed their broadcast counterparts, not to mention any and all of the Ottawa Citizen’s journalists of the city newspaper that is called, unironically mimetic in its own right: the Ottawa Citizen. These citizen streamers—with handles like uottawascotty, adam nucci, windmoor, travel fun 69, mak jon, ottawalks, zoke and zot—compiled thousands of hours of raw footage and hundreds of on-the-street and in-the-cab interviews with the truckers themselves and the peaceful protestors who converged on the city, drawn by the honkening of the modern day siege engines and the clarion call of their reverberating horns.

“I’m just a man with a phone and boots on the ground.” The humble Viva Frei (pictured above) took his livestreaming game to another level with uncut interviews of the people on the streets of Ottawa and his own unique analysis that informed and entertained the masses and brought in beaucoup bucks, to boot.

Though all of these streamers need not have said anything to add to the images that showed the overwhelmingly peaceful protestors feeding the homeless, shoveling fresh snow from the sidewalks, policing their own butts as it were, picking up and transporting their trash elsewhere every hour on the hour, each and every day, undercutting the MSM and Justin Trudeau’s false narrative of violent extremists like a scythe cutting hay. Bringing the true face of the protest into focus whereas the authorities would have intentionally blurred it, for perpetuity if they could.

Motivated to get the truth out there as well as rack up the dollars via youtube superchats and online tip vendors thousands of viewers electronically rained down on their betoqued heads, the Ottawa streamers informed and inspired their fellow citizens and the world with the real images of unity and hope emanating from Parliament Hill in Ottawa, effectively shutting down Trudeau and his MSM enablers false narrative for posterity before he used the false narrative to shut them down.

…because everything the MSM broadcasts is a lie.


LIVEstreamed, that is.