Another N-word That Shall Not Be Spoken & Some Other Dirty Rats Stinking Up the Ukraine

80 years after Adolf, we cheer on his spiritual offspring, sell them weapons to defeat Putin, heir apparent to Trump’s mythic fascist throne & ignore our own war pigs’ complicity and corruption.

As the shrikes of the monolithic MSM have been shrieking for Putin’s head on a pike ever since he was christened the next literal Hitler, there’s one thing they’re not telling you about NATO’s proxy, Ukraine.

Members of the Azov Battalion demonstrate in Kiev (GENYA SAVILOV/AFP/Getty Images) Does that double lightning bolt SS insignia raise any red flags for you?

Josh Cohen of Reuters wrote in a 2019 article: “Although Azov [a Ukrainian far right militia) uses N-word-era symbolism and recruits neo-N-words into its ranks, a recent article in Foreign Affairs downplayed any risks the group might pose, pointing out that, like other volunteer militias, Azov has been ‘reined in’ through its integration into Ukraine’s armed forces.”

Oh, thank God for that iron-clad reassurance. Any concern I had about the ongoing deN-wordification of Ukraine has been totally annulled by the fact that those evil N-words have been integrated (rhymes with infiltrated) into the Ukrainian military.

No cause for alarm, right? What could possibly go wrong?

It’s iffy whether you’re even able to use the N-word in its original context anymore. I mean any one who disagrees with Antifa fascists, critical racists, Big Pharma drug dealers and the Jewish-led mobsters of BLM is, as the word is defined in its current iteration, an N-word. That makes me an N-word. So the question logically follows then, “What is one to call an N-word, the type like you’ll currently find in the Ukrainian army, now that the word has been so distorted and bent out of shape?” There’s got to be a synonym that’s closer to the word’s original definition, and also less offensive.



But no, not really. It doesn’t quite work.

Communists and authentic N-words do not mix, and have not, historically speaking, ever done so, even though societies based upon their ideologies inevitably lead to the same genocidal hell. And the word democRAT is certainly no less offensive…

So, dang it, I’ll just let others say it for me:

Neo-Nazis and the Far Right Are On the March in Ukraine

Five years after the Maidan uprising, anti-Semitism and fascist-inflected ultranationalism are rampant.

By Lev Golinkin

FEBRUARY 22, 2019



And if you want a comprehensive understanding of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia since the Maidan Uprising of 2014, read the exhaustive research paper published by SWP Berlin in April 2019, which should be required reading for anyone who wants to truly understand the current situation instead of listening to the sound bite idiots of the government-media complex demonizing Russia in hopes of super-sizing the current conflict and in the near future, quite possibly, sending your sons halfway across the globe to kill and die for corporate profits and politicians in another meaningless war.

THE DONBAS CONFLICT Opposing Interests and Narratives, A Difficult Peace Process

by Sabine Fischer

excerpt: A number of hard right [aka N-word] militia’s play an important role in the domestic debates over the agreements and the treatment of the contested areas [Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts]. In line with the Minsk Agreements, militias — including Azov, the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and Aidar — were formally integrated [infiltrated?] into the Ukrainian armed forces [at] the end of 2014, but some continue to exist as political organisations and are, in certain cases, close to Ukraine’s extreme right-wing [aka N-word] scene. They played a significant role in all significant protests against Kyiv’s policies towards the Donbas, , from legislative proposals in connection with the Minsk Package of Measures to the imposition of the economic embargo in 2017. Even if right-wing and extreme right-wing [aka N-word] parties have failed to achieve any notable showing in elections since 2014, [N-word] ideology enjoys considerable influence in the public debate …

Donbass “forgotten” Greeks: We Sit At Home and Listen to the Ukrainian Army Shelling

by Fani Harisi for Diaspora, World News: December 13, 2021

excerpt: “In Luhansk we are closer to the Russian border and we feel more protected, while Donetsk borders Ukraine, with the result that the Ukrainian army is closer and now the situation has erupted again.

“They hear a lot of stray bullets and shells fired by the Ukrainians.

“A few days ago I spoke to a friend of mine who keeps in touch with Donetsk, she has several friends there and they told her that ‘we sit at home and listen to the shells again.’

“And now imagine that all the inhabitants of both areas, from the sound understand what shell is falling.

“Unfortunately, man is accustomed to living in any condition.”

Residents of the area live in insecurity about their present and future, said Kontopoulou-Sliachta.

“They have no stability, this situation is not going anywhere. They feel like citizens without a future.

“Every day they expect that ‘the Ukrainian army will now attack us.’

With nothing like the above article to give the perspective from citizens in the donbas demilitarized zone (that is and was anything but demilitarized) it would, admittedly sound like pure propaganda when Vlad justified the invasion as “deN-wordification” of his neighbor to the west. Then, son of a bitch, turns out Ukraine’s political and social fabric, judging by the information above, is riddled with … N-words! As well as other ancient relics, rotten to the core…

During his tenure as vice president Joe Biden got Ukraine to fire Viktor Shokin because the Ukrainian prosecutor wanted to interview his crackhead son. The MSM calls it a conspiracy theory; John Solomon documents facts that say otherwiseAnd what’s with the politician’s son’s and the Ukraine energy sector? Do you think it could be possible in these two old criminal’s cases that they might have something to do with their offspring’s double dealings and so have something to hide?

Call me crazy but I’d wear the N-word like a badge of honor. Anyone brave enough to voice an opposing opinion to the mainstream consensus these days instantly sprouts a Hitler stache as well as some double lighting bolt insignia on their collar which, outside the borders of our current Clown World, are two accoutrements more fitting for the Bear-baiting politicians in our midst…

The 2 Warmonger buddies Lindsey Graham & John McCain [don’t sell Amy Klobuchar’s [in the yellow jacket] war mongering short, either] in Ukraine in December 2016 were preparing for a proxy war with Russia back then, but Trump got elected and apparently foiled their plans temporarily. They’re bloodthirsty ghouls.

Now that everyone has to admit the over reaction to covid was worse than the disease, the same people who withheld early treatments so they could sell an experimental gene therapy they called a “vaccine;” commanded you to stay locked up in your homes for years so you could go batshit crazy and create more diabetes; bankrupted small businesses while enriching the big box and big tech global corporations, affecting the largest wealth transfer in history from the beleaguered middle class to the mega rich; and also insisted you wear their slave muzzles to participate in a collective ritual of humiliation and shame expect to escape accountability for their crimes by dangling another proxy war in front of your eyes?

Forget Baba O’Riley, if we let this slip past us, we are definitely getting fooled again (and again and again…ibid, aka, ie and ad infinitum.

Part sales push for the war lobby in DC whose members sit on the boards of Raytheon and other lethal arms dealers and part distraction from the war crimes perpetrated on the public the past 2 years under the pretext of safety from a variation of the common cold, the Crisis du Jour is:

“Go! Fight! Win! Ukraine!”

I wonder if all the nazi-loving lefties virtue signaling the Ukrainian flag to their facebook “friends” realize what they’ve become?

But, who cares!

It’s so easy to passively watch your News channel of choice then stand up and wail out your daily 2 minutes of hate for Vlad Putin. Just forget about the N-word, and for God sake don’t ever say it like old Joe did.

Listen to this and ask yourself if the woke mob would, regardless of context, cancel your ass for saying it, and why pathetic puppet old Joe is given a pass for it?