Our current situation is reflected in the tragic folly of illegitimate administrations’ past.
Zapruder frame that caught the moment the bullet hit the brain. Whether a tragedy or Karmic backlash, what began as Camelot on the Potomac, didn’t end well; neither for our stand-in for King Arthur or the country as a whole.

It didn’t start with 2020. Supposedly, old Joe Kennedy persuaded Mayor Daley to turn out whole cemeteries in Chicago to steal the 1960 presidential election for his son. But that was OK because it ushered in the shining castle on the hill, right? The audacity of The Moonshot; the high fashion of Jackie-O; and an iconic Happy Birthday sung from icono-tragic figure in her own right, Marilyn Monroe. And, then, the shocking tragedy of Dealey Plaza…

The following presidency of LBJ, a man fond of exposing his “Jumbo” Johnson to intimidate reporters and congressmen alike, is still lauded for the passage of his signature legislation, the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Of which he expressed his true motivation for championing while talking to two governors riding with him on Air Force One:

“I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years.”

This vulgar statement erase any sincerity the demonstrably racist Johnson might have intended in pushing the bill, and exposed him for the conniving master politician he truly was, enslaving black Americans’ minds by crook and getting them, ideologically speaking, back onto the democrat plantation. 1

LBJ is sworn in as US President on the flight back to DC after JFK’s assassination, a traumatized Jackie Onassis by his side.

One wonders, knowing his bigoted views, if he knew what havoc it would wreak upon the community it was purported to have been drafted to protect. Under the legislation, welfare benefits became substantially more generous. The political folly of throwing money at a problem is initially very popular but usually ends up having deleterious effects. Arguably the most ruinous of these was how it incentivized the break up of the family. Black out-of-wedlock births in 1964 were 24.5 percent. After the passage of the act, this statistic precipitously rose, and sits today at a demoralizing 70 percent.

According to Harvard’s Paul Peterson, “some programs actively discouraged marriage,” because “welfare assistance went to mothers so long as no male was [present] in the household… Marriage to an employed male, even one earning the minimum wage, placed a mother’s economic well-being at risk.”

That may be a reason why, in 1964, only 7% of American children were born out of wedlock, compared to 40% today. As Jason Riley has noted, “the government paid mothers to keep fathers out of the home—and paid them well.” 2 

And I’d argue by incentivizing single mother households LBJ’s bill created a new class of generational slaves in thrall economically to the Federal welfare system. A negative dynamic that America is still coping with today.

Another Johnson policy that negatively impacted on the family unit was the escalation of the Vietnam War, which, unsurprisingly was predicated on a lie: The Gulf of Tonkin Incident.

August 2nd 1964 patrolling the waters off of North Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin, the destroyer Maddox had a lopsided battle at sea with 3 North Vietnamese gunboats. The gunboats haphazardly fired off torpedoes at long range and veered off to retreat, wanting nothing to do with the Maddox’s superior firepower. Air support was called in and the gunboats that had foolishly advanced on the Maddox got the worst of it, two sustaining heavy damage and one set ablaze and rendered dead in the water.

August 4th the Maddox was joined by the destroyer Turner Joy for back up in case of North Vietnamese reprisal. That night both ship’s commands imagined they were being attacked in heavy seas.

As the “battle” continued, Capt. Herrick [the captain of the Maddox] realized the “attacks” were actually the results of “overeager sonar operators” and poor equipment performance. The Turner Joy had not detected any torpedoes during the entire encounter, and Herrick determined that the Maddox‘s operators were probably hearing the ship’s propellers reflecting off her rudder during sharp turns. The destroyer’s main gun director was never able to lock onto any targets because, as the operator surmised, the radar was detecting the stormy sea’s wave tops.

Johnson made a television address immediately after the incident, citing the need for America to hit back after such naked aggression, paving the way for the Tonkin Resolution that would give him carte blanch when it came to making war.

We may never know the whole truth behind the Tonkin events and the motivations of those involved. However, it is important to put what we do know into context. The administration’s zeal for aggressive action, motivated by President Johnson’s election worries, created an atmosphere of recklessness and overenthusiasm in which it became easy to draw conclusions based on scanty evidence and to overlook normally prudent precautionary measures. Without the full picture, Congress could not offer the checks and balances it was designed to provide. Subsequently, the White House carried the nation into the longest and one of the most costly conflicts in our nation’s history. 3

The previous paragraphs have been excerpted from the U.S. Naval Institute’s Web page THE TRUTH ABOUT TONKIN and cast doubt upon President Johnson’s intentions, suggesting evidence that taking the U.S. into war was more about his political prospects in the upcoming election than any international wrong he felt needed swift military adjudication. And so, we sent our sons to die in the jungles half a world away to the tune of 58,000 dead for nothing but phantoms at sea and the prospect of personal gain.

The 2000 election bears mention here as another possibly stolen election. It is still unclear whether it was actually stolen but the eventual “winner” took us into another foreign war predicated on the lie, with terrible consequences for the U.S. and the world. The purported Weapons of Mass Destruction were never found and the disastrous war that followed makes it seem like another instance of cosmic just desserts.

After 36 days of recounts that were steadily eating away at George Bush’s lead in Florida, the US Supreme Court stepped in to stop the count. Al Gore conceded after he got wind of the court’s partisan 5-4 decision to end the recount., paving the way for George Bush’s inauguration, the terrorist attacks of 9/11 2001 and the subsequent invasion of Iraq.

After the horrific images of people jumping from the towers to their deaths rather than be burned alive fresh in the public consciousness, it didn’t much matter who we attacked, as long as they were Muslim. In that particular snapshot of time’s jingoistic fervor, the incongruity of attacking Iraq even though the hijackers who brought down the towers hailed from Saudi Arabia seemed not to matter much at all.

The demonization of Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein was akin to the news networks unanimous hatred for Donald Trump and, since his invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin. The false causus belli of Iraq’s stockpile of WMD was ramrodded down the world’s throat, and the buzzing hivemind of propaganda created in the American people had left most of the public salivating for war.

Two decades before he became the avatar of Hitler, Saddam Hussein (seen here shaking hands with Donald Rumsfeld) was an America ally who fought a proxy war against Iran using munitions provided Iraq by the good old USA.

After the fall of Baghdad and the execution of Saddam Hussein, a measured reduction of US forces opened back up the vacuum left by the Iraqi Strongman. The local militias amalgamated into an offshoot of Al Qaeda, the brutal Islamic extremist group ISIS. Once American troops started withdrawing in 2009 the emboldened caliphate moved in, eventually occupying most of Iraq and large swaths of Syria.

Two hundred thousand deaths of Iraqis can be directly attributed to American intervention as well as to crippling sanctions the Bush administration leveled on the already devastated country. The body count from ISIS’s murderous mayhem after the US military left could be several times that number. GWB’s misguided adventurism destabilized large portions of the Middle East and led to flooding Europe with refugees, changing the demographics of the European lands forever, all but guaranteeing a major conflict for the soul of the continent between Islam and Christianity in a few short generations.

The negative impacts George W. Bush’s war had upon the world are unquantifiable and are still being felt today. No one can say if it would have been any different if the Supreme Court had not stopped the recount and Al Gore had taken back the Florida electors that would have given him the presidency. Even so, when you take into account the hundreds of thousands killed and the millions displaced, GWB’s trail of mass murder and regional hegemonic destabilization has only been surpassed by the communist/fascist dictators of the last century, who as a group murdered millions of their own people. For some reason Bush got a pass since his mass murder was mostly on the people of a foreign land, I guess. If you’re talking the most recent war crime king though, he is your man.

Fast forward to today and the United States current state of chaos and civic discombobulation. That the Department of Justice is now actively compiling a list of people who question the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election and labeling them as “violent extremists” tells you all you need to know about the current Orwellian nightmare into which we’ve all been cast.

The vertical graph line shows the fraudulent trajectory created by the unanimously Biden late night dumps.

With Trump leading in most of the states he needed to cruise to an easy victory well into election night, 6 swing states stopped counting simultaneously around 1230 am DC time. That singular disruption was enough for anyone with half a brain to realize that the fix was in. What followed was early morning pallets of ballots dumped at the counting facilities in those 6 contested states, all the ballots of which were almost exclusively marked for Biden. There’s even video evidence of how they stole the election in Georgia, bringing out boxes of ballots from out of a previously locked hollow table when the poll watchers and the press had been sent home for the night. If all of this were just conjecture and easily explained away there would be no need for the Department of Justice to resort to adding “wrongthink” to the already endless list of potential crimes here in the newly minted United Soviet States, the USS of A.

Of course Trump foiled himself by extending the Emergency Act that prompted states to illegally change their election laws to include universal mail-in ballots opening the election up to an unprecedented degree of fraud. By going along with the medical tyranny and lockdowns of his lead advisors Birx and Fauci, instead of erring on the side of freedom, he became the architect of his own demise.

And so We the People find ourselves burdened with the mother of all illegitimate administrations. Led by a doddering puppet, it’s open to conjecture who or what is actually pulling his strings. With inflation raging and the Russian-Ukraine war threatening to make the politicians reauthorize the state-sanctioned sacrifice of our sons and daughters, it’s imperative now everyone knows their history so they don’t get fooled again.

1.see the pattern of the chimera’s in DC repeating: The Patriot Act (an act that by its very name makes any and all opposition to it unpatriotic) was passed under the guise of ferreting out Islamic terror cells in the wake of 9/11 but is being used today to spy on Mohammed, Jose and Donald, as well as you and me.
2. the preceding three paragraphs were taken, with some slight alteration, from the post FAMILY BREAKDOWN AND THE AMERICAN WELFARE SYSTEM at the Institute for Family Studies Web page.
3. excerpt from THE TRUTH ABOUT TONKIN at the U.S. Naval Institute Web page.