Big Picture Détente Betwixt Traditional Bipolars

A Climate Change Believer & Unbeliever agree on something, proving the parallel worlds we simultaneously occupy can be peacefully breached (not unironically) on the subject of war.

Chris Hedges’ excellent article in the Scheer Post Waltzing Toward Armageddon with the Merchants of Death has a line in it which I could not agree with more…

The decision to spurn the possibility of peaceful coexistence with Russia at the end of the Cold War is one of the most egregious crimes of the late 20th century.

As well as one I could not disagree with more…

In the face of the gravest existential crisis to beset the human species [Climate Change], and most other species, the ruling elites stoke a conflict that is driving up the price of oil and turbocharging the fossil fuel extraction industry.

I couldn’t disagree more with the part about Climate Change; the part about the elites driving up the price of oil is back to being spot on. So my point is to illustrate the absolute weirdness of our current moment in history where two avowed enemies, a Climate Change connoisseur and a Climate Change skeptic are so same/same when it comes to Russia/Ukraine.

I noted this crazy happenstance in the comments of the article in the Rise Up Times, where is had been re-blogged and got a response to which I responded…see below

  1. boomrx2d agoI believe the global warming/climate change/climate emergency/climate crisis is just another mechanism of Corporocratic State control that should be put into the dustbin of history as fast as possible. But I stood on a busy corner in Albuquerque yesterday holding a sign that read: GULF OF TONKIN?
    Interesting that we draw pretty much the same conclusions about the war pigs leveraging Russia/Ukraine now, though we reach them through the prism of vastly different and perhaps opposite concerns. I guess that’s what’s meant by the whole “politics creates strange bedfellows” thing, which also may be indicative of how people of differing mindsets may still be able to rationally and reasonably come together to work things out instead of defaulting immediately to either a thumbs up or a middle finger.Reply1Like
  2. Rise Up Times2d agoThe climate crisis is unfortunately very real. That does not mean that it is not being used in the manner you mention in your comment. Nor does it mean that corporate control and manipulation is not real as well. The corporations in general believe they are the only ones who can solve the climate crisis according to COP26, but in reality, there is much work on the ground my thousands if not millions of citizens in their own countries who have solutions and were also at COP26. If the corporations really believe they can solve the climate crisis, I wish they would, but instead they waffle and keep bringing in the profits for themselves, e..g., the war in Ukraine driven by the war industry and oil and gas interests, who are profiting from the war.Reply1Like
  3. boomrx1d ago“Massive social engineering — look at Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya or Vietnam — has its own centrifugal force. It destroys those who play God.” [This line from your excellent article makes me wonder how you can see the massive social engineering of recent casus belli that hearken back to my sign (ie Gulf of Tonkin to Vietnam and WMD to Iraq) but be blind to it with the 5 decades-old social engineering plot that started in the 70s as global cooling (two Time Magazine covers announcing the Coming Ice Age), morphed into Man-made Global Warming during the 80s and 90s and then transitioned to the meaningless term Climate Change (which is linguistic word salad as obviously meaningless as saying water is wet) once the global average temperature stopped rising. Now we’ve got alarmist terms like “Crisis” and “Emergency” tacked onto it? All the end of the worlds predictions going back fifty years that have come and gone put Climate Change in the same league as failed doomsday cults and yet it keeps going on because corporate con men (net worth 300 million dollars) like Al Gore and the social engineers in elite orgs like Bilderberg and World Economic Forum who are, indeed, playing God by presuming their socio-economic plans can hold back the tides and control the weather keep telling us “Do it our way our else!” ???? It’s just a matter of pattern recognition to see the scam they’re pulling. At least that’s how I’ve come to see the world as long as I’ve been living and why skepticism has turned to hardcore disbelief in all things Climate with a capital C, and belief that its the same willful cynicism on the part of the elite that is driving Climate Crisis/Emergency/Armageddon that has led to the Russian/Ukraine War.Other than that, you and I are good! Strange bedfellows, indeed.


I could imagine bellying up to the bar and having a beer with Mr. Hedges as we discussed the recent history of all the conspiracies put down by the mainstream matrix dwellers as so-called “Conspiracy Theories” (a term cooked up by the CIA after the JFK assassination to denigrate anyone who had questions about the official [ie bogus] narrative) that happened to be actual conspiracies in real-time right before our very eyes (see Gulf of Tonkin and Saddam’s WMD). But then, there’s this total blind spot of cognitive dissonance where he can’t see the way Climate Change is being foisted on society by the same mainstream charlatans that have pushed all the other previous scams. Or maybe the person with the blind spot is me? Of course, I will never think so and you could never convince me otherwise. Thus, the “never the twain shall meet”of modern politics as the pet dystopias of the opposing sides have become so mutually exclusive its truly gotten to the point of living together in separate worlds.

And yet, against all odds and the confounding metaphysics of our current situation, somehow, on the subject of Ukraine/Russia we agree…even as we agree to disagree and are able to put the disagreement aside without immediately defaulting to the pejorative of You stupid “libtard” or You’re an f’ing “nazi.” And isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be in this ever changing muddled up mixed up Clown World in which we live in? And—at no time in any world—should anybody gore someone else’s ox by denying them their everlasting gobstopper.