WEEZ NUTS & how to fix it

Michael Savage said, “Hell is a place without Reason.” I agree. When the NCAA enables a gender dysphoric man on estrogen to wreck women’s swimming, all I can say is, “Welcome To Hell!”

Ted Rorschalk9 min ago
From run-of-the-mill male swimmer to “totally female” champion: the Lia Thomas saga is an object lesson on how the proverbial Slippery Slope can become a freefall into perdition.

I’m not a smart man, but when half the country thinks it’s OK for a biological male with long hair and a mental disorder to lap the field in women’s NCAA swimming there may be other societal ills in the hopper more corrosive to society than a swimmer who tucks his balls.

Upon first hearing the news of this travesty, I was wondering when sanity would prevail, whether institutionally or at a grass roots level that would effectively disqualify the sex-confused (or terrifyingly cynical) man from competing against real women. Surely, the NCAA would come out with findings based on scientific proof that a year or two of estrogen does not mitigate 20 years of masculine muscle mass, larger feet and hands, and overall superior power, or the women themselves would band together and refuse to compete against someone who had such a demonstrably unfair advantage.

Months passed, nothing…crickets, and to top off the insult to injury this one ersatz-man circus had been inflicting upon his fellow competitors all season, he wound up on the podium, sheepishly holding his National Championship trophy for the 500 meter women’s freestyle while the other medalists huddled together well clear of the man who beat them. The social distance they chose to put between themselves and him conveyed to everybody watching that, though they’d gone along with the joke all season, in the end, they wished to ignore it in the hope that it would/might just go away.

This picture speaks a thousand words, and then some. Despite what you may think, the man on the podium is not the problem.

Lia Thomas is a symptom and not the disease. And there’s the rub and the diagnosis, my friends: If you think something you know is an abomination might stop existing just because you don’t acknowledge it, your point is only pointing the finger right back at you…indicating that you yourself are crazy, too. Did you ever wonder how many ostriches actually ever saved themselves from becoming dinner by sticking their heads in the sand? There is a meme of a dog sitting down to drink his coffee in a house that’s on fire saying, “This is fine” that is indicative of the present day public’s prevailing attitude of willfully delusional complacency in the face of imminent chaos and destruction.

And if you’re paying any attention at all to the thrust of this essay, not to mention the slow motion train wreck of a society that is crumbling right up in all your stupid faces, then you, dear reader, will stand up and start to do something to improve you and your fellow citizens’ lot rather than stay on the couch with your eyes wide shut, guaranteeing you and your children and grandchildren a future where you get what you fucking deserve.

And just like that, the Slope became a Handbasket.