A Rare Pepe in Clown World ep3

We are living in peak clown World. This train of absurdity has no brakes. —Jason Trambley

First, he was forced to move from the sunny beaches of San Luis Obispo to the high desert of Albuquerque in 2015 because the rent was too damn high. Second, in 2016 he watched in frustration as Bernie Sanders got cheated out of the nomination again by the execrable democrat party and crooked Hillary.

“F Hillary!” He voted Trump.

Sometime later in 2017 he got banned off Twitter for the heretical wrongthink of insisting that xy and xx chromosomes were ultimately what defined a man and a woman. Getting kicked off social media for stating an empirical fact was the last straw, and the formerly mild-mannered Bernie Bro was transformed. Before the one-man rallies on foot began, he drove his truck around town flying TRUMP flags proudly.

“People were rude on the road for a long time, it wasn’t until summer of 2020 that [they] started to liven up and honk.”

In the summer of 2020 Trambley took his message to the streets to another lever, with daily 3 pm sprints across a pedestrian overpass on Tramway carrying the TRUMP flag to, in his words, make lefties feel like Trump had the election in the bag. He also began to stake out certain busy intersections to fly his flags and make his presence known.

According to him these one-man rallies were a delayed reaction to the aforementioned wrongs that had blighted society and marked his full metamorphosis from Big Tech Mellowist to MAGA Man Berserker.

“I felt alone as hell,” he said. “I just had to do something to prove to myself that I wasn’t.”

During his singular protests there were plenty of moments that bore out the reaction he wanted to confirm.

“Some people brought me food. Some people stood and prayed with me…”

…and , too, there were moments of fear and loathing.

“One guy got out of his truck and said he was going to kill me, but then the light turned green.”

Seeking safety in numbers, he began waving his flags with our group, Freedom Fighters of New Mexico, the local chapter of Conspiracy Theories R-US I’d started protesting with sometime in 2021 because I, too, saw the world taking a turn for the worse unlike any other in my lifetime.

“Covid has a 99.9 percent survival rate. You never had anything to fear from this disease. It’s never been about health, it’s always been about control. Wake up, People!” —Erin Morrison

The advent of covid-19 was a true eye opener that looked an awful lot like a move made with malevolent intention. When Klaus Schwab’s book COVID-19: The Great Reset was published right on cue the New World Order came out of the crazy conspiracy closet and became one very real near-future dystopian possibility. The Church Lady in me marveled at the timing of Schwab’s overhaul of socio-economics with the disease that might just make his global communist wet dream possible. How conveeeeeeeeeenient!

As far as behavior modification and mass control, covid has been the Globalist Golden Goose, accomplishing in two years a level of social control and mass behavioral modification they’d been unable to achieve in 50 years of incessant doomsaying predicated on their ever-morphing baby Climate Whatever, which began in the 1970s as the New Ice Age then switched to Global Warming in the subsequent decades then switched to Climate Change / Climate Crisis…sheesh, and if that isn’t dramatic enough for you, you can always swap out Crisis for Catastrophe or Cataclysm or even Cowabunga if you like. Ceding all this and then also acceding to the illogical anti-science notions of LGBTQMLNOP, our mass capitulation added another tier to the pussification of this nation. Covid, though more virulent at the outset, still had a mortality rate in the neighborhood of seasonal flu, and now that it has mutated into something as dangerous as the common cold the so-called experts are hinting at the possibility of future lockdowns and mask requirements?

Straight-faced, “Seriously?” Followed by an exasperated scream, “SERIOUSLY?!”

Peak Clown World, indeed!

What’s most disturbing, as the months and years fall away to reveal the empty truths encompassed by all the lies the Big Government-Tech-Media Complex used to subjugate and control us, is the willful ignorance with which people have resorted in an attempt to wish it all away.

Each of us recognize the psychological pressure that’s been exerted by the Cult of Covid these past two years to justify all the lies, and have come together as individuals to try and combat them through, short of violent revolution, alternative means. For me it’s holding a sign espousing love over fear; for Erin it’s about letting people know the vital statistics of the disease, and for Trambley it’s about shocking them into some kind of instant “Ah hah!” moment, triggering their brain stem with the image on his flag of Pepe the frog’s Honkler aspect that is made up in clown drag. Either way, we’re standing out here on the corner trying to break the Matrix.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

“If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?”

― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

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When you see you have been living in an Empire of Lies for so long you eventually realize so-called fiction has been the only think telling the truth. Hello, Brave New World and 1984? The American Dystopia wants its country back! Thus, I stand in my Alex Jones mask at a busy intersection, at the bridge spanning the abyss between Good and Evil holding my a sign of Peace and Love like a talisman against the balrogs of the New World Order, unconsciously proclaiming with my bellicose impersonations of the famously excitable infowars iconoclast, “You Shall Not Pass!” even though my actual words are stringing together an advertisement for probiotic supplements available for 50 percent off “while supplies last” at the infowars store. It’s a combat tactic used by both sides of the ongoing Clown World meme wars: saying one thing while you actually mean another. In other words talk about health when all you care about is control and, conversely, vitamins and minerals when you’re vying to activate the better angels of your fellow humans’ souls.

In effect, Trambley, Morrison and myself, along with all our sign wielding compatriots, are trying to conjure the spirit of freedom that used to inform the zeitgeist of the American public before Soros, Schwab and the Faucists on the World Economic Forum cast their New World Order-inducing spell by leveraging the snot out of the fear of a glorified cold virus. Though they get a bad rap, the good guys can be ‘crisis actors,’ too. Whether aping Alex Jones, spitting some bullhorn truth whilst wearing a naughty flag like the cape of the new super hero Fuck Joe Biden Man, or waving the more often than not befuddling visage of Pepe Honkler on your 18 foot retractable flag pole, we’re definitely out their trying to reach the people who are still gettable, who have not yet become full blown NPCs, not to mention the lulz.

“They’re turning the frickin’ frogs gay!”—Alex Jones