A Rare Pepe in Clown World, ep4

Girls will be boys & boys will be girls, it’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world, cept 4 Honkler.

Mixing memes can be as dangerous as mixing metaphors: Misunderstandings are bound to occur and inevitably multiply, birthing vast mountain ranges out of humble mole hills. Fortunately, absurdity is part of the Clown World operating system’s internal logic, just as 62 genders is to the new maths and sciences of the faux reality of the Brave New World Order. Honkler can poke holes in his lily pad with a pair of high heels and your children will be regaled by a transvestite in a tiara during school-mandated Drag Queen Story Hour. You can put high heels on a frog, as well as rainbow hair and a red rubber nose to make it appear like something it is not; just as you can put a dress and blush and heavy mascara on a man. The distinction between worlds lies in the mind’s eye of the beholder. As does the child at the conclusion of The Emperor’s New Clothes, Clown World sees through the lie with nothing behind it but the power of suggestion, whereas Brave New World Order sees reality in the external make believe.

Whether these Brave New Worlders actually believe (or practice) what they preach is beside the point. Once a government can dictate what is absolute in spite of observable reality there is nothing and no one to stand in its way from carrying out any policy that it pleases, executed in the name of the greater good in spite of its harmful effect on society: forever masking, endless lockdowns and, taken to the extreme, free train rides to Treblinka.

Sincere or cynical, the paradox of this simultaneous singularity is that, ideologically, never the twain shall meet. Clown World and the Brave New World Order are at once together and apart. This is why in episode one of this series I suggested a close reading of JBL’s Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius for the truth of how this Brave New World Order is being created to parallel and eventually replace our own. Instead of a set of encyclopedias being its progenitor as in the story, the BNWO has the full force of the government-media complex and its mega-corporation partners in crime behind it in order to make it so. Though many feel the whole distress of lockdowns and manufactured pandemic is coming to a close, the BNWO’s diabolical endgame has just begun with the push to sexualize children practically from birth, and confuse their malleable young minds with the destructive notion that something as elemental as what’s between their legs is secondary to their right of self determination. The suggested remedies for this manufactured gender dysphoria are as safe and effective as the BNWO’s go-to drug during the plandemic, the highly destructive and ineffective, but very lucrative Remdisivir. Demonizing two provably effective and safe treatments such as HCQ and Ivermectin and taking them very difficult for anyone to purchase by legal means was because a disease that can be demonstrably treated does not require the formulation of a vaccine. In his book The Real Anthony Fauci, RFK Jr proves what I’ve just claimed, all documented with extensive footnotes so the phrase applies, “Do your own research.” Of course, the belief system the BNWO would have you ascribe to strikes down the preceding as heretical misinformation, which is an understandable side effect of opposing and simultaneous worlds.

Clown World is not only an acknowledgement of the dark forces encroaching on our world like thunderheads out of Mordor, it is also a refutation of them, a chaotic system of order that can be used to lead us out of the storm of the Brave New World Order into the warmth and rejuvenation of a brighter and totally awesome new day.

The truly virulent virus was never covid, but fear mercilessly pushed onto the public by the government-media complex that led to a mass mental slavery and the menticidal murder of millions of people’s minds. Those who would rather believe choice extends out to the absurd notion a boy can decide that they’re a girl, or vice versa, rather than offend those degenerates pushing this agenda are irredeemably hollow. They have been convinced by the drip drip drip of constant coercion to actually believe that 2+2 equals 5. These are the full blown Non-Player Characters in the game of life who have rejected dangerous freedom for the emptiness of comfortable slavery, untouchable as sea urchins and amenable as snakes. The useful idiots and would-be cannon fodder of the BNWO are the people who immediately default to middle fingers and incoherent screeching when we’re out on the street corner holding our signs.

Obviously, these lost souls are not our target audience. Surely, there are still people straddling both worlds, not sure which one they’re going to eventually jump off into. It is with the faith of a child I continue to stand on the corner with the dwindling numbers of my fellow nonconformists holding a sign proclaiming the nonpolitical message of Love over Fear, hoping that my message will plant an acorn’s worth of curiosity in an open mind and from their grow exponentially.

Jason Trambley’s answer to the challenge of living well in a schizophrenic society can be found on his website: NOTFANCY.ME where you will find stickers like the one above as well as others that bear out with simple elegance the site’s motto: The Truth Speaks for Itself. His page of banned videos contradicting many of the mainstream’s pet narratives is a beautiful example of how Clown World refutes the Brave New World Order by adhering to the maxim, The Truth Shall Set You Free or keeping with the ethos of Clown World, a frog in a rainbow wig and a rubber nose is still a frog.