Pride Comes Before The Fall

To create a society, give it a good origin story upon which to build.

Take Adam and Eve… A man and a woman created by one all knowing, all seeing being. Ribs. Light. Dominion over plants and the beasts of the field, etc etc. Skip to the good part: the serpent, forbidden fruit, knowledge of Good and Evil…Once the pair are expelled for eating the apple they must cleave together as one or surely perish, to tame the wilderness, surviving and thriving by the sweat and cunning of their collective brow. The two working together satisfied and actualized the Big Three: food, shelter and sex and from there, being fruitful and multiplying, many branches of a family did grow, leading human evolution down the road toward a civilized and prosperous society, with many starts and stops and bumps and lumps along the way.

Now, to destroy a society, de-story it. Take away the cogent narrative and replace it with one that breeds chaos and confusion.

Take Adam and Eve…A man and a woman created by one all knowing, all seeing being. Instead of giving them an imperative to leave the safety and security of their Eden to go out into the world and succeed by their combined strength and wiles, promise them safe spaces forever as long as they do what their self-appointed shepherds tell them. Deny God and take Him out of the equation altogether so the only higher power are those Godless Gods who call themselves “experts” who are calling the shots. Delegitimize the man and the woman as counter parts who, when comingled, are the building blocks of society. Pervert the essence of human nature and make us doubt who and what we are.

This is how you destroy a society, and with so many people and many in high places on record saying they cannot define a woman, our society is on the precipice of ruin. The gay and lesbian movement of 20 years ago has become the Trojan Horse that could be the death knell to civil society as we know it.

No joke.

Pride Comes Before The Fall