Ted Rorschalk

You think it’s good to be king? Caveat Emptor, mein froind. At least Oedipus King of Thebes had the good grace to gouge his eyes out with his freshly dead mother-wife’s stick pin at the conclusion of his particular hard day’s journey into night.

They don’t make them like they used to. What we get are excuses and obfuscation about the Putin Price Hike and “My son is the smartest man I know” from the patriarch of the Biden crime family or, more likely, the script written by his obscurant ventriloquist puppeteers, while Sonny’s schtuping his dead brother’s wife and waving his guns like he just don’t care.

Covering up behavior that would have killed anyone else’s father’s political career, the stilted Greek Chorus of our mainstream press and the alphabet intelligence agencies sings false praises to a brain dead choir of phoned in zombies who believe and do what they’re told by the all seeing, all knowing SIRI and Brian Stelter, the pursy-lipped castrato of CNN.

Once upon time leaders acknowledged their misdeeds and policed themselves when all was said and done. Once upon a time people would see the lies right in front of them rather than see them and then close their eyes lest they be counted on to bear witness to corruption. The speak no evil masks are still a thing, and the see no evil mindset that most have fallen into is the reason nobody now nor in the future will be able to hear freedom ring.

A monkeypox upon both your houses!