Stupid Adult Death Syndrome

How many times will we let them get away with moving the goal posts, let alone the football?

It’s more accurate to substitute the word “Stupid” for “Sudden” in the acronym for the latest syndrome du jour (SADS aka Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) that is totally not related to the mass vaccination coercion campaign that’s been waged against every man, woman and child on the planet.

It is, indeed, very sad to know that we’ve become such a collection of brain dead idiots that this whack syndrome nonsense would even be tried on us, let alone accepted as a valid explanation for something that’s pretty damn easy to explain if you use an ounce of logic and stick to the stricture of Occam’s Razor aka KISS ie keep it simple stupid.

Let’s see…adults between 18 and 49 are dropping dead for no apparent reason (least of all covid! which is holding steady at 99.9 percent survivability) in numbers never seen before these last two years. What’s been the one thing that’s universally different these last two years?

Errrrrrrr duh, I don’t know? The Vaccine?

Experts tut tut such assertion, just like they demand you wear those filthy masks that provably do nothing and continue to insist to this day that you take an untested vaccine for a coronavirus that’s mutated down to literally another version of the common cold.

Yes. That’s right. You can Google it. Coronavirus is the Cold. Except for the man-made AIDS-inspired spike protein put in there compliments of Dr. Evil Fauci and his gain of function laboratory straight outta Wuhan, covid is a derivative of the common cold.

[Tangentially speaking, do any of you blockheads remember (pre-Covid mass hysteria, before common sense and pattern recognition were flushed down the drain) why there’d never been a vaccine attempted for The Cold (aka coronavirus)?

Answer: Because the cold (aka coronavirus) mutates so quickly any vaccine made for the current mutation of “the cold” (aka the coronavirus), would be DOA since the cold (aka the coronavirus) mutates faster than that particular vaccine could be put on the market!

Tangent over, back to the main point:

Since they can’t blame these unexplained excess deaths on the covid cold nor, God forbid, The Vaccine, something had to be trotted out to try and explain the sudden increase in working age adult mortality. So, and thusly, SADS was born.

Talk about going there for the LULZ! They must be slapping one another on the back and whooping it up, saying, “We can piss on their legs and call it rain!

They’re laughing their elite asses off as they lull us back to sleep with more of their non sequitur nonsense. Silly, adult…death’s not just for kids ie infants (ie SIDS) anymore. Now we’re giving you a Sudden Death syndrome all your very own! See how much we care?

Oh Snap!

SADS sorta rhymes with SIDS, doesn’t it?

Ever wonder if these two totally uncynical sudden death syndromes have anything else in common?