SADS? SADS! Awww. They really do care about us now, don’t they? Have I got a bridge to sell to you. Can anyone anywhere still solve the simple equation of 2 plus 2?

Lake Mead is going down! Not quite like Frazier, more like the catalyst starting Las Vegas on the road to the desolate ruin it was in Stephen King’s The Stand. Fiction is becoming prophetic. Could be on our way to World War Z.

The flies get caught in the web and the wasps go free. Which isn’t true in nature cuz I saw a black widow tie up a wasp in it’s web in real life once on the chain link backstop during one of my son’s little league games. The brutal struggle took center stage while the little leaguers went on with their error-prone ways. But lets keep to the metaphorical meaning of the phrase. In this upside down world your name, not your word, is your bond. Clinton skates even though she had a private server with all kinds of classified material on it for the Russian and the Chinese hackers to capture as they inevitably continue to this day to roll US over. The FBI, which is the KGB in the sense that it’s become the house organ for the DC elites to use against the People, shrugged their collective shoulders as Comey sighed, “No reasonable prosecutor would take the case”… (“cuz they didn’t want to commit on-demand suicide!”) is the part he didn’t say out loud.

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Fauci is revered for saying how many lives he saved when in actuality his lockdowns erased so many more lives and livelihoods than his ill-found cure did. And yet he’s revered like a beloved patriarch, not to mention he’s the highest paid federal employee on the books. Heil Fauci! If history is truly self-correcting, he’ll be remembered as another Hitler.

Insert any self-serving politician here: Lip service to the scourge of covid which has mutated down to the generic coronavirus we all know and love as the common cold. Omicron may be a stealth anagram for ur brain cells are all gone…if you believe what they are selling. Lip service to the Coup that never was on the Agent Provocateur rich Sixth of January because they can’t stomach the fact the real coup was the night of November 2nd and the early morning of the epic Biden Dim Sum vote dumplings of November 3rd. Forget about the yuge leads Trump held before all the swing states simultaneously stopped counting so they could get their Peking Ducks in a row were mathematically impossible to overcome! Just sit down and shut up and take your medicine. We are the controlling legal authority that answers to no controlling legal authority. Got it? Good.

Insert Trump, too. Speaking of January 6th Scam like so many before it, orchestrated by the feds to feed themselves and give themselves some breathing room when they all should be choking to death on the end of a rope. The former president has done nothing, as far as I can see in the public press galleys, to free the people who massed in DC that cold November day at his behest to come to his defense who are now rotting in jail with nothing but a charge of “improper parading” which is equivalent to jaywalking. Imagine that. American Gulag in its nascent stages is well on its way.

Where is the outrage? Where are the people on the streets? God Bless the Dutch Farmers! They now where it’s at and where it’s all going. We pampered ninnies in the USA cower before our masters and try to be on the inside of the collectivist herd of massing sheep that we’ve become. We are all so used to being abused that we accept their lying as the honest truth: that SADS is actually a thing and not some bullshit cooked up to cover for their incompetent malevolence now that the vax is doing its thing, what it was actually meant for below the platitudinous boiler plate fluff about keeping us safe from the dread virus: the cold 2.0. Check out the Bill Gates Ted Talk about how he’s planning to control the population with vaccines. It’s right there in your stupid faces. Puts a new twist on the New Hampshire state motto: Live Free or Die. When the benevolent dictators turn out to be eugenic monsters in politician’s clothing hiding in plain sight and all the pretty universities are requiring their students and faculty take the SADS-inducing vaccine, there are no more safe spaces to run to really, just death chambers by another name. Let’s all line up, by all means and continue to believe they’re selling bridges for our benefit in Brooklyn.