I’ve previously written about how the Green New Deal is a repackaged color revolution with parallels to Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge. But what the heck? From the perspective of the zero carbon crowd, maybe we’ve been too hard on industrialized mass murder.

You’ve got to hand it to them, the shadowy controllers of the Brave New World Order and their Bond villain-come-to-life Klaus Schwab, the author of an actual book titled Covid-19: The Great Reset. The playbook was executed to a T: Create a problem to which you already have the solution so you can swoop in and look like the hero when you’re actually the villain. The operation has been genius; their Hegelian Dialectic nearly seamless:

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SYNTHESIS—A safe and grateful population (ripe for the picking)


Covid was the problem they used to convince you it was better to lockdown and mask up for. put your pursuit of happiness on terminal hold, rather than face the ravages of a novel coronavirus, a much more scary way of saying, you must admit, a new cold, albeit AIDSified with a spike protein but still holding at a rate of 99.9 recovery.

The Horror!

(Hey! Didn’t Fauci lord over the AIDS crisis, too? What a coincidence!)

Forcing people to forfeit their freedom and bow to the coercion of forced vaccination for the false promise of security laid the groundwork for the completion of the global communist revolution that’s been rounding into shape now for generations right before our very eyes. That the masses handed in their liberty in pursuit of safety indicated they were deserving of neither and, therefore, primed and ready for the next phase of their never ending manufactured crisis.


Word is Old Joe, the puppet installed by and who serves at the behest of the Brave New World Order, is going to assert his executive power to proclaim a Climate Emergency in the next week. In conjunction with the WHO designation of climate change as a health emergency you can expect more lockdowns of nations whose governments will all, coincidentally, work together in lockstep again to enslave their populations under the guise of public safety, ramming through by fiat the Build Back Better Ponzi Scheme they couldn’t pass through legislation. If this international collusion is not a huge red flag indicating the truth of their confederate ambition to usher in one world communist governance, then you are truly blinded by their propagandist lip service to “democracy.” The power mad politicians who have been given carte blanche to suspend democratic rights and freedoms that heretofore had been inalienable are not about to get off the perpetual crisis merry-go-round they’ve been riding hard since the Golden Goose of Covid gave them the excuse they’d always dreamed of to go full tyrant. The next phase is predicated on the certainty of a climate Armageddon lest we immediately change our wicked ways.

THESIS—Climate Armageddon

ANTITHESIS—Zero fossil fuel, Zero CO2 and Zero carbon

SYNTHESIS—A *Beautiful* Brave New World (*beautiful* for those few at the top rungs of the Brave New World Order, neo-serfdom hell for the overwhelming majority of those below)


The implementation of Zero everything and its incompatibility with reality is showing in Germany’s inability to run itself on the chimera of Green Energy. In keeping with the post-real reality that we live in though, the question is does reality even matter anymore? The genius of their full court press on the abolition of the sexes, particularly on what defines a woman, makes it possible for them to Baghdad Bob the shit out of any situation, including claiming the AOK homeostasis of the State as it crumbles around them and goes up in flames. Getting people to believe the opposite of what is staring them right in the face is the equivalent of 1984ing them to believe that 2 plus 2 is 5. Thus, regardless of observable reality, it is possible to manipulate them into believing any number of absurdities.

Zero Carbon: Humans are carbon-based life forms. Are they trying to not too subtly tell us of their true intention?

Zero Fossil Fuel: People will starve for lack of industrial farming equipment which runs on oil and nothing else; they will freeze to death for lack of winter heating produced by coal and natural gas. The ripple effects of going cold turkey on fossil fuel will be the death of billions. Mission accomplished?

Zero CO2: an essential component of a little thing called photosynthesis which is the exclusive process on the planet that creates oxygen, which if you’re paying attention, is the stuff we animals breathe. How funny it’s been vilified as a greenhouse gas that, if not reduced to God knows what minuscule levels in just a few years, will cause such a rise in temperature that we’ll be cooking in our own juices. CO2 also happens to be half of our respiratory cycle, exiting our bodies as we exhale to breathe, so you do the math on what reducing CO2 levels actually means. Sounds more like a plan to kills trees and, by extension, people. DING DING DING DING DING DING!

In Old Joe and his BNWO handlers own words, it’s an historic transition that must be endured if the human race is to abide. It’s for the Good of Mother Earth so it must not be exactly what it seems. Something softer and less extreme than what it actually is … genocide.


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