Big Picture Détente Betwixt Traditional Bipolars

A Climate Change Believer & Unbeliever agree on something, proving the parallel worlds we simultaneously occupy can be peacefully breached (not unironically) on the subject of war. Chris Hedges’ excellent article in the Scheer Post Waltzing Toward Armageddon with the Merchants of Death has a line in it which I could not agree with more… … Continue reading Big Picture Détente Betwixt Traditional Bipolars


Our current situation is reflected in the tragic folly of illegitimate administrations' past. Zapruder frame that caught the moment the bullet hit the brain. Whether a tragedy or Karmic backlash, what began as Camelot on the Potomac, didn’t end well; neither for our stand-in for King Arthur or the country as a whole. It didn’t … Continue reading EMPIRE OF LIES